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The Development of Empirical Correlations to Understand the Frictional Behavior of Aqueous Biomass Slurry Flows in Vertical Pipes    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 969-986. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15498) @2023
Authors:   Kashif Javed, Vinoj Kurian, Amit Kumar
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CFD Simulation of Porous Canopy Heat Transfer in Apple Orchard-Based Frost Protection    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 825-837. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15550) @2023
Authors:   Weiyun Hua, Paul Heinemann, Long He, Wenan Yuan
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A Multimodal Optical Sensing System for Automated and Intelligent Food Safety Inspection    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 839-849. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15526) @2023
Authors:   Jianwei Qin, Jeehwa Hong, Hyunjeong Cho, Jo Ann S. Van Kessel, Insuck Baek, Kuanglin Chao, Moon Sung Kim
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Equine Kinematic Gait Analysis Using Stereo Videography and Deep Learning: Stride Length and Stance Duration Estimation   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 865-877. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15386) @2023
Authors:   Nariman Niknejad, Jessica L. Caro, Rafael Bidese-Puhl, Yin Bao, Elizabeth A. Staiger
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FARnet: Farming Action Recognition From Videos Based on Coordinate Attention and YOLOv7-tiny Network in Aquaculture    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 909-920. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15362) @2023
Authors:   xinting yang, Liang Pan, Dinghong Wang, Yuhao Zeng, Wentao Zhu, Dongxiang Jiao, Zhenlong Sun, Chuanheng Sun, Chao Zhou
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Evaluation of Low-Cost UV-Vis Spectroscopy for Measuring Nitrate Using Synthetic Water Samples   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 929-941. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15502) @2023
Authors:   Joe Barrett Carter, Ashley Sarkees, A. Singh, Eban Bean
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Method for Zoning Corn Based on the NDVI and the Improved SOM-K-Means Algorithm   Public Access Limited Time    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 943-953. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15081) @2023
Authors:   Xiaodong Di, Xi Wang
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Effects of Rotary Tine Tool Velocity on Soil Reaction Forces, Power, and Energy Intensity    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 897-907. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15377) @2023
Authors:   Safal Kshetri, Brian L. Steward, Mehari Z. Tekeste
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Applicability and Sensitivity of Field Hydrology Modeling by the Soil Plant Air Water (SPAW) Model Under Changes in Soil Properties   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 809-823. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15306) @2023
Authors:   Ajoy Kumar Saha, John McMaine
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A CSM-Based Procedure for Identifying Segments of Agricultural Drainage Ditches to Be Prioritized in Maintenance Work   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 879-885. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15393) @2023
Authors:   Daniel Bernardo Aviles Ribera, Ingrid Wesstrom, Abraham Joel
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Mass-Balance Process Model of a Decoupled Aquaponics System   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 955-967. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15468) @2023
Authors:   Rohit Kalvakaalva, Mollie Smith, Emmanuel Ayipio, Caroline Blanchard, Stephen A. Prior, G. Brett Runion, Daniel Wells, David Blersch, Sushil Adhikari, Rishi Prasad, Terrill R. Hanson, Nathan Wall, Brendan T. Higgins
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Evaluating Draft EPA Emissions Models for Laying Hen Facilities   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 851-863. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15237) @2023
Authors:   Yijie Xiong, Guoming Li, Brett C. Ramirez, Robert T. Burns, Richard S. Gates
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Improving Air Quality in Broiler Rooms Using an Electrostatic Particle Ionization System   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 887-896. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15291) @2023
Authors:   Myra Martel, Shelley Kirychuk, Bernardo Predicala, Roger Bolo, Yingjie Yang, Brooke Thompson, Huiqing Guo, Lifeng Zhang
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Comparative Studies on Continuous Radio Frequency Treatment of Granular Foods Under Belt and Double Screw Conveying: A Case Study of Disinfesting Dried Jujubes    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 799-807. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15404) @2023
Authors:   Hongyue Li, Jin Wang, Chengyou Kang, Rui Li, Shaojin Wang, Bo Ling
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Atmospheric Cold Plasma (ACP) Treatment for Efficient Disinfestation of the Cowpea Weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus   Open Access    
Citation:  Journal of the ASABE. 66(4): 921-927. (doi: 10.13031/ja.15449) @2023
Authors:   Nahndi Tirrell Kirk-Bradley, Tomilayo Grace Salau, Keyan Zhu Salzman, Janie McClurkin Moore
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