Case Studies and Modules for Data Science Instruction


Introduction   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Keywords:   data driven agriculture, active learning, problem-centered education, data science, agricultural and biological engineering.
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Analyzing Sensor Data at the Source   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Authors:   Sierra Young
Keywords:   data science, instruction, sensors, calibration, measurements.
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Problem-Centered Data Science Education in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Classroom: Analyzing Air Quality Index Data in R   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Authors:   Natalie Nelson
Keywords:   Active learning, problem-centered education, data acumen, agricultural and biological engineering, wildfires.
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An Introduction to Automated Visual Sensemaking for Animal Production Systems   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Authors:   Divya Handa, Armin Moghadam, Abdullah Sourav, Ryan Jeon, Julia Chen, Joshua Peschel
Keywords:   Computer vision, Machine learning, Livestock, Video, R-CNN, Education.
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Row-Crop Field Machinery CAN Bus Data Collection   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Authors:   Santosh Kumar Pitla, CheeTown Liew
Keywords:   Machinery, Row-crops, CAN bus, Data, Analytics, Hands-on activities.
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Teaching Geospatial Programming and Data Science to AgriScience Students: Analyzing Real-world Weather Data in ArcGIS Notebooks   Public Access
Citation:   Copyright 2021  
Authors:   Dharmendra Saraswat, Gang Shao
Keywords:   Ag Informatics, data wrangling, agriscience, weather network data, interpolation, GIS.
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