Florida Section

Paper #   FL19-01   Integrated monitoring platform of plant growth based on IoT edge computing in greenhouse
Citation:  Paper number  FL19-01,  2019 Florida Section ASABE Annual Conference. @2019
Authors:   Chung-Liang Chang, Jun-Yong Tian, Wei-Lun Fu, Kuang-Pi Chang
Keywords:   Internet of thing, edge computing, wireless sensor network, growth response, lettuce, machine vision
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Paper #   FL-17025   Controlling Temperature and Relative Humidity in Greenhouses Using a Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System
Citation:  Paper number  FL-17025,  2017 Special Meeting Papers. @2017
Authors:   Waleed A. Bin Masoud, Ray A. Bucklin, Wendell A. Porter, Xin Zhao, Paul W. Lane, Melanie . J. Correll
Keywords:   Air conditioning, dehumidification systems, environmental control, evaporative-cooling systems, fan-and-pad, greenhouses, liquid desiccant cooling systems, mass balance, relative humidity, humidity control.
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Paper #   FL10-124   Development of an Expert System for Citrus Spray Applications
Citation:  Paper number  FL10-124,  2010 Special Meeting Papers. @2010
Authors:   Peter Ako Larbi, Masoud Salyani
Keywords:   air-carrier sprayer, spray application, pest control planning, expert knowledge, Visual Basic, artificial intelligence
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Paper #   FL08-12   A Wizard for the Creation of Ontology-Based Learning Objectives
Citation:  Paper number  FL08-12,  2008 Special Meeting Papers. @2008
Authors:   GĂȘnesis B Campos, Elsa S SepĂșlveda Bustos, Rebecca J Williams, Howard W Beck, Fedro S Zazueta
Keywords:   Learning object, Learning objective, On-line learning, Wizard
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Paper #   FL03-100   Residential Irrigation Uniformity and Efficiency in Florida
Citation:  Paper number  FL03-100,  2003 Special Meeting Papers . @2003
Authors:   Melissa C. Baum, Michael D. Dukes, Grady L. Miller
Keywords:   residential irrigation, water use, landscape, turf, distribution uniformity, DU
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