International Symposium on Erosion and Landscape Evolution (ISELE), 18-21 September 2011, Anchorage, Alaska

Proceedings Editors: Dennis C. Flanagan, James C. Ascough II, John L. Nieber

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Author1, A.B., C.D. Author2, and E.F. Author3, 2011. The title of the paper. In:
Proceedings International Symposium on Erosion and Landscape Evolution,
ISELE Paper No. 11???. D.C. Flanagan, J.C. Ascough II, and J.L. Nieber (eds.).
St. Joseph, Mich: ASABE

  1. Wind Erosion, Dust and Their Environmental Impacts: An Australian Perspective
    Authors:   Grant H McTainsh
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Australia, Dust cycle, Environmental impacts
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39202
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  2. Small Steps and Giant Leaps? Thoughts for the Future Based on a Decade of Progress in Understanding and Modelling Hydrologic and Erosion Processes
    Authors:   John Wainwright
    Keywords:   Water erosion, Erosion processes, Erosion prediction, Modelling, Validation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39203
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  3. Research on Erosion and Landscape Evolution: Current Status and Future Prospects
    Authors:   Desmond Eric Walling
    Keywords:   Erosion research, Global change, Sediment tracing, Research directions
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39303
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  4. Erosion Processes and Prediction in NW U.S. Forests
    Authors:   William J Elliot, Peter R Robichaud, Randy B Foltz
    Keywords:   Forest fire, Forest roads, Slope stability, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39204
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  5. Streambank Erosion and Channel Evolution Processes in the Minnesota River Basin
    Authors:   Christian F Lenhart, John L Nieber, Jason S Ulrich, Bruce N Wilson
    Keywords:   Fluvial geomorphology, Sediment sources, Channel erosion, Sediment transport modeling, Minnesota River
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39205
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  6. Groundwater Seepage Mechanisms of Streambank Erosion and Failure
    Authors:   Garey A Fox, Glenn V Wilson, Taber Midgley, Abdulsahib Almadhhachi, Rachel Carson
    Keywords:   Groundwater, Seepage erosion, Streambank failure, Streambank stability
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39206
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  7. Quantifying Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Affecting Soil Erodibility
    Authors:   S Kossi Nouwakpo, Chi-hua Huang
    Keywords:   Erosion, Erodibility, Critical shear stress, Pore water pressure, Hydraulic gradient, Fluidized bed
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39207
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  8. Erosion as Affected by Soil Inherent Properties and Extrinsic Conditions
    Authors:   Amrakh I Mamedov, Guy J Levy, Chi-hua Huang
    Keywords:   Soil permanent properties and extrinsic conditions, Soil system, Infiltration, Runoff, Erosion, Modeling, Water quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39208
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  9. Modified Slake Durability Test Applicability for Soil
    Authors:   Jeffrey R Keaton
    Keywords:   Slake durability, Soil material, Scour number, Shear stress, Stream power
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39209
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  10. Use of Tracer Minerals to Estimate Erosion in an Iranian Watershed
    Authors:   Mohammad Reza Noura, Reza Moussavi Harami
    Keywords:   Erosion, Statistical analysis, Trace mineral, Clay mineral, Watershed
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39210
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  11. Application of Updated Approaches for the Reclamation of Placer-mined Lands in the Harrison Creek Watershed near Central, Alaska
    Authors:   Hans R Arnett, Patrick L McMahon
    Keywords:   Placer mining, Stream reclamation, Updated approaches, Bureau of Land Management, Harrison Creek
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39211
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  12. Analysis of Escherichia coli within Sediment Basins on Active Construction Sites
    Authors:   Elizabeth A Tempel, Charles V Privette, III, Calvin B Sawyer, John C Hayes
    Keywords:   Escherichia coli, Sediment basin, Construction site, Pathogenic, Indicator, Bacteria
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39212
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  13. Measurement of the Parameters Affecting the Formation and Breakage of Flocs
    Authors:   Neha M Bhadbhade, Jason R Vogel, Daniel E, Storm, Billy J Barfield, Aaron Mittlestet, Hayat Azawi, Karl Garbrecht, Alex Tobergte
    Keywords:   Flocculant, Stormwater, Coagulation factor, Breakup coefficient
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39213
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  14. A Passive Flocculant Injection System for Sediment Control on Construction Sites
    Authors:   Karl M Garbrecht, Jason Vogel, Dan Storm, Billy Barfield
    Keywords:   Flocculant, Passive, Sediment, Construction site, Turbidity
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39214
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  15. Accuracy and Precision of Portable Turbidity Meters
    Authors:   Katherine E Resler, Calvin B Sawyer, Charles V Privette, III, John C Hayes
    Keywords:   Turbidity, Turbidity meters, Nephelometry, Formazin standards, Construction sites, Sediment control, Water quality, Numeric effluent limits
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39215
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  16. A Natural Rainfall Plot Study to Determine the Effectiveness of Composts and Organic Amendments in Controlling Runoff and Erosion
    Authors:   Lawrence Mark Risse, Xianben Zhu
    Keywords:   Compost, Soil quality, Erosion, Runoff, Natural runoff plots, Field study
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39216
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  17. A Global Approach to Prevent and Remediate Degradation and Desertification
    Authors:   Coen J Ritsema
    Keywords:   Soil degradation, Desertification, Indicator systems, Remediation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39217
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  18. Tools for Designing Post-mining Landscapes with Acceptable Erosion Risk and Discharges on the Receiving Environment
    Authors:   Hwat Bing So, Ashraf Khalifa, Chris Carroll, Hossein Ghadiri, Bofu Yu
    Keywords:   Erosion, Runoff, Erosion models, Erosion control, Mining rehabilitation, MINErosion, Post-mining landscape design
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39218
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  19. Monitoring of Dust Emission in Eastern Australia: Why Two Methods Are Better Than One
    Authors:   John Leys, Stephan Heidenreich, O’Loingsigh Tadhg, Strong Craig, McTainsh Grant
    Keywords:   Dust, DSI, DustWatch, Monitoring
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39219
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  20. Comparisons of Measurements and Predictions of PM Concentrations and Emission Rates from a Wind Erosion Event
    Authors:   Kori D Moore, Michael D Wojcik, Christian C Marchant, Randal S Martin, Richard L Pfeiffer, John H Prueger, Jerry L Hatfield
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Wind erosion, PM, Emissions, Vertical flux equation, Air dispersion modeling, Remote sensing, LIDAR, Optical particle counter, Point sensor
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39220
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  21. Wind Erosion of Soils Burned by Wildfire
    Authors:   Natalie S Wagenbrenner, Matthew J Germino, Brian K Lamb, Randy B Foltz, Peter R Robichaud
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Wildfire, Ash, PM10, Burned soil, Air quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39221
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  22. Tracking Sources of Fugitive Dust at Nipomo Mesa, California
    Authors:   Thomas A Cahill, David E Barnes, Roberto Velarde, Thomas E Gill
    Keywords:   Dust, Dust control, Coastal areas, Sand, Air quality, Off-road vehicles
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39222
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  23. Spatial Application of WEPS for Estimating Wind Erosion in the Pacific Northwest
    Authors:   Jincheng Gao, Larry E Wagner, Fred Fox, Serena Chung, Brian Lamb
    Keywords:   WEPS, Wind erosion, Model, GIS, Air quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39223
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  24. Soil Property Effects on Wind Erosion of Organic Soils
    Authors:   Ted M Zobeck, Matthew C Baddock, R. Scott Van Pelt, John Tatarko, Veronica Acosta-Martinez
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Wind erosion, Organic soils, Dust emissions, Saltation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39224
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  25. An Assessment of the Impact of Retention Ponds for Sediment Trapping in the Ada Creek and Longwood Coves using Remotely Sensed Data and GIS Analysis
    Authors:   Sudhanshu S Panda, Richard J Skarda
    Keywords:   Sedimentation, Sediment ponds, Remote sensing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39225
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  26. Erosion Rates from Badlands National Park
    Authors:   Larry D Stetler, Rachel Benton, Matthew Weiler
    Keywords:   Erosion rates, Erosion pins, Badlands, Paleontological monitoring
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39226
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  27. Identifying Sources of Suspended Sediment using Radionuclides in an Agricultural Watershed in South Central Wisconsin
    Authors:   Jasmeet Lamba, Anita M Thompson, John C Panuska, K G Karthikeyan
    Keywords:   Sediment transport, Radionuclides, Soil erosion, Best management practice
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39227
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  28. Measuring Erosion Rates at Plot Scales Using Photogrammetry
    Authors:   Joseph W Wagenbrenner, Peter R Robichaud, Randy B Foltz
    Keywords:   Photogrammetry, Digital terrain model, Digital elevation model, Stereo photo
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39228
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  29. Tools for Ephemeral Gully Erosion Research
    Authors:   S Kossi Nouwakpo, Chi-hua Huang
    Keywords:   Ephemeral gully erosion, Digital photogrammetry, Soil erosion, Subsurface hydrology, Gully modeling, Seepage erosion, Erosion experiment, Erodibility
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39229
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  30. A Study of Physiographic and Geomorphic Relationships to Identify Erosion and Sedimentation Areas in the Ladiz Watershed, Zahedan, Eastern Iran
    Authors:   Mohammad reza Noura, Reza Moussavi Harami
    Keywords:   Physiography, Geomorphology, Erosion, Sedimentation, Ladiz watershed
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39230
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  31. 75 Years of Wind Erosion Control: The History of Wind Erosion Prediction
    Authors:   Michael A Sporcic, Edward L Skidmore
    Keywords:   Dirty Thirties, Wind erosion equation (WEQ), Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS), Wind erosion, Soil Conservation Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Agricultural Research Service, Wind erosion prediction
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39231
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  32. Overview of the Management Submodel in the Wind Erosion Prediction System
    Authors:   Larry E Wagner
    Keywords:   Tillage, Modeling, Models, Soil, Wind erosion, Crop rotation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39232
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  33. WEPS NRCS Implementation Issues: Resolved
    Authors:   Larry E Wagner
    Keywords:   Erosion modeling, Climate generation, Wind erosion databases, Interfaces, Crop rotations
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39233
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  34. Applications of WEPS and SWEEP to Non-Agricultural Lands
    Authors:   John Tatarko, David G Walker, Simon J Van Donk
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Construction sites, Disturbed lands
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39234
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  35. Incorporating the Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS) for Dust into a Regional Air Quality Modeling System
    Authors:   Brian Lamb, Serena Chung, Joseph Vaughan, Jincheng Gao, Larry Wagner
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Regional modeling, PM10, Air quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39235
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  36. Environmental Impacts from Wind Erosion of Abandoned Mine Lands
    Authors:   Larry D Stetler, James J Stone
    Keywords:   Abandoned mine lands, Aeolian dust, Heavy metals, Wind tunnel, Radionuclide
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39236
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  37. Probabilistic Soil Erosion Modeling Using the Erosion Risk Management Tool (ERMiT) After Wildfires
    Authors:   Peter R Robichaud, William J Elliot, Joseph W Wagenbrenner
    Keywords:   ERMiT, Wildfire, Erosion, WEPP, Postfire, Validation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39237
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  38. Application Of The Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model To Simulate Streamflow In A PNW Forest Watershed
    Authors:   Anurag Srivastava, Mariana Dobre, Emily Bruner, William J Elliot, Ina S Miller, Joan Q Wu
    Keywords:   Forest watershed, Surface runoff, Subsurface lateral flow, Baseflow, Hydrologic modeling, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39238
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  39. Modeling and Prediction of Land Condition for Fort Riley Military Installation
    Authors:   Heidi R Howard, Guangxing Wang, Steve Singer, Alan B Anderson
    Keywords:   Land condition prediction, Linear and nonlinear models, Military training impact, Stepwise regression, TM images
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39239
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  40. The Development and Evaluation of a Portable Rainfall Simulator Capable of Mimicking Variable Rainfall Patterns
    Authors:   Jeffrey Layton Ullman, Brian William Bodah
    Keywords:   Rainfall simulator, Drop size, Rainfall patterns, Rainfall intensity, Runoff, Erosion
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39240
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  41. Characterization of Soil Microtopography Effects on Runoff and Soil Erosion Rates under Simulated Rainfall
    Authors:   Jan LPM Vermang, L Darrell Norton, Chi-hua Huang, Donald Gabriels
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Runoff, Sealing, Surface roughness, Microrelief, Simulated rainfall, Laser scanner, Variogram
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39241
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  42. Sediment Transport in Shallow Overland Flow
    Authors:   Mathias J.M Römkens, Madhusudana R Suryadevara, Shyam N Prasad
    Keywords:   Shallow overland flow, Soil erosion, Bed load transport, Sediment movement, Saltation, Sediment particle interactions
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39242
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  43. Within-Storm Rainfall Distribution Effect on Soil Erosion Rate
    Authors:   Syed I Ahmed, Kevin Mackenzie, Bahram Gharabaghi, Ramesh P Rudra, Trevor Dickinson
    Keywords:   Rainfall distribution, Soil erosion rate, Modeling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39243
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  44. Rainfall Intensity Effects on Runoff and Sediment Losses From a Colorado Alfisol
    Authors:   C C Truman, J C Ascough II, J G Davis
    Keywords:   Rainfall events, Variable rainfall intensity patterns, Infiltration
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39244
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  45. Internal Erosion During Soil Pipe flow: Role in Gully Erosion and Hillslope Instability
    Authors:   Glenn V Wilson, John L Nieber, Roy C Sidle
    Keywords:   Soil-pipe, Ephemeral gully erosion, Internal erosion, Shear stress, Erodibility
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39245
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  46. An Experimental Study of Gully Sidewall Expansion
    Authors:   Robert R Wells, Henrique G Momm, Sean J Bennett, Ronald L Bingner, Seth M Dabney
    Keywords:   Channel erosion, Soil detachment, Channel expansion, Shallow overland flow, Gully, LIDAR, Simulated rainfall, Soil erosion
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39246
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  47. Gully Evolution in Agricultural Fields Using Ground-Based LiDAR
    Authors:   Henrique G Momm, Robert R Wells, Ronald Bingner, Seth Dabney
    Keywords:   Gully erosion, LiDAR, Multi-temporal analysis, Agricultural erosion
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39247
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  48. Quantifying Fluvial Erosion Over Short Time Scales
    Authors:   Theresa M Wynn, Barbra C Utley
    Keywords:   Streambank erosion, Sediment load, Erosion pins, Turbidity sensors
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39248
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  49. Impacts of Chemical Fallow Practices in Conservation Tillage Management Systems on Runoff and Erosion in the Pacific Northwest
    Authors:   Brian William Bodah, Jeffrey Layton Ullman, Donald K McCool
    Keywords:   Chemical fallow, Chem-fallow, Conservation tillage, Direct seed, Fallow, Erosion, Runoff, Palouse
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39249
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  50. Trap Efficiency for Road Storm Runoff Detention in Southern Appalachian Watersheds
    Authors:   J McFero Grace
    Keywords:   Trap efficiency, Detention, Soil erosion, Storm runoff, Southern Appalachians, Forest roads
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39250
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  51. The Role of Biomass in Erosional and Soil Strength Influences Under Military Land Management
    Authors:   Heidi R Howard, Niels G Svendsen, Timothy J Cary, Daniel J Koch, George X Gertner, Philip B Woodford, Robert M Lacey, Alan B Anderson, Andrew Fulton
    Keywords:   Military, Army, Vehicle, Biomass, Soil strength, Control burn, Haying, Grazing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39251
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  52. Effect of Grazing Management and Buffer Strips on Erosion from Pastures
    Authors:   Philip A Moore, Dan H Pote, David K Brauer, John H Pennington, Randy L Raper
    Keywords:   Pasture, Grazing, Erosion, Eutrophication, Best management practices, Buffer strips, Hydrology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39252
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  53. Assessment of Various Erosion and Sediment Control Practices within an Experimental Facility
    Authors:   Joseph W Monical, Rabin Bhattarai, Prasanta K Kalita, Heidi R Howard, Niels G Svendsen
    Keywords:   Blanket, Check dam, Water quality, Erosion, Sediment, Mulch, Compost, Hydromulch
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39253
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  54. Plastic Covered Cropping Systems: Runoff Patterns and Soil Erosion Rates
    Authors:   Sebastian Arnhold, Christopher L Shope, Bernd Huwe
    Keywords:   Erosion, Dryland farming, Contour farming, Plastic film, USLE P Factor
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39254
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  55. Development and Validation of a Multi-size Erosion-Deposition Model – GUSED
    Authors:   Bofu Yu
    Keywords:   Erosion, Deposition, Modeling, GUSED
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39255
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  56. Modeling the Reduction in Soil Loss due to Soil Armouring Caused by Rainfall Erosion
    Authors:   Thomas A Cochrane, Daniel Yoder, Dennis Flanagan, Seth Dabney, Paul Weber
    Keywords:   Erosion, Armouring, Soil erodibility, RUSLE, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39256
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  57. A Saturation Excess Erosion Model
    Authors:   Tammo S Steenhuis, Seifu Admassu Tilahun
    Keywords:   Variable source areas, Partial area hydrology, Sediment, Monsoon climates, USLE
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39257
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  58. Scale and Land Use Effects on Simple Relationships Between Flow Velocity and Discharge Rate from Watersheds on the Loess Plateau, China
    Authors:   Shumei Zhou, Tingwu Lei, David Nigel Warrington
    Keywords:   Flow velocity, Discharge rate, Watershed scale, Land uses, Loess Plateau
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39258
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  59. Feasibility of Irregular-slope Equation on Soil Loss Prediction for Grass Strips
    Authors:   Chia-Chun Wu, Tsung-Wen Wang
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39259
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  60. Development of a Combined Wind and Water Erosion Model (WWEM) for the Object Modeling System
    Authors:   James C Ascough II, Dennis C Flanagan, Clinton C Truman, Olaf David
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Object Modeling System (OMS), Erosion prediction, Modeling frameworks, Modularity
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39260
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  61. Integrating WEPP and a Pathogen Transport Model to Simulate Fate and Transport of Cryptosporidium and Rotavirus in Surface Flow
    Authors:   Rabin Bhattarai, Prasanta K Kalita, Paul Davidson
    Keywords:   Erosion, Health, Hydrology, Runoff, Water quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39261
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  62. Seasonal Change of WEPP Erodibility Parameters on a Fallow Plot
    Authors:   Donald K McCool, Shuhui Dun, Joan Q Wu, William J Elliot
    Keywords:   Critical shear, Rill erodibility, Frozen soil, Thawing soil, Soil erosion, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39262
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  63. Environmental Evaluation of Flue Gas Desulfurization Gypsum as a BMP for Erosion Control
    Authors:   L Darrell Norton
    Keywords:   Erosion control, Soil amendments, FGD, Desulfurization byproducts, Mercury, Infiltration, Runoff, Electrolytes, Nutrients, Groundwater, Water quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39263
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  64. Predictive Capability to Assess Military Training Impacts on Military Installation Streams Utilizing Remote Sensing
    Authors:   Philip B Woodford, Troy R Livingston, Gilbert A/ Malinga, Heidi R Howard
    Keywords:   LiDAR and orthophotography change analysis, Stream morphology, Stream assessments, Military sustainment of streams
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39264
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  65. Getting Results: Measuring Post-Wildfire Erosion Control Treatment Effectiveness
    Authors:   Peter R Robichaud, Robert E Brown, Peter M Wohlgemuth, Joseph W Wagenbrenner
    Keywords:   Rill erosion, Mulching, Contour-felled logs, Paired watersheds, Concentrated flow experiments
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39265
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  66. Screening Study of Select Cotton-based Hydromulch Blends Produced using the Cross-Linked Biofiber Process
    Authors:   Bryan Scholl, Greg Holt, Chris Thornton
    Keywords:   Hydromulch, Erosion control, Rainfall, Runoff, Biomass, Agricultural byproduct, Best management practice, BMP, Stormwater management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39266
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  67. Engineered Log Jams Post Project Appraisal for Streambank Erosion and Salmonid Habitat in Washington State
    Authors:   W Barry Southerland, Frank R Reckendorf, Dean Michael Renner
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Fluvial geomorphology, ELJ, Engineered log jams, Wood structures, Cowlitz River, Fish habitat, Tightness of radius of curvature, USDA National Engineering Handbook, Floods
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39267
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  68. Assessing the Impact of Manure Application Method on Runoff Phosphorus using Controlled and Natural Rainfall
    Authors:   Tamie L Veith, Peter J. A Kleinman, Francirose Shigaki, Lou S Saporito, Douglas B Beegle
    Keywords:   Dairy manure, Edge-of-field, Land application, Surface loss, Simulated rainfall, Natural rainfall, Northeastern US
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39268
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  69. Infiltration Process in Gravelly-soil Slopes as Affected by Storm Patterns
    Authors:   Chia-Chun Wu, Yu-Ting Chan, Chen-Han Wang
    Keywords:   Infiltration process, Storm patterns, Soil moisture reaction time, Gravelly soil
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39269
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  70. Building Process-Based Understanding For Improved Adaptation And Management
    Authors:   Erin S Brooks, Jan Boll
    Keywords:   Soil erosion control, WEPP, Conservation practices
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39270
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  71. Modelling the Impacts of Climate Change on Future Rates of Soil Erosion: Addressing Key Limitations
    Authors:   Donal J Mullan, David T Favis-Mortlock, Rowan Fealy
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Climate change, Modelling, Statistical downscaling, WEPP, Sub-daily rainfall intensity, Land use and management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39271
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  72. Impact of Global changes on soil vulnerability in the Mediterranean basin
    Authors:   Olivier Cerdan, Jean-François Desprats, Julien Fouché, Yves Le Bissonnais, Bruno Cheviron, Vincent Simonneaux, Damien Raclot, Florent Mouillot
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Mediterranean Basin, Climate change, Land use change, Modelling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39272
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  73. Precipitation Parameters of Stochastic Climate Models for a Changing Climate
    Authors:   Bruce N Wilson, Aleksey Y Sheshukov
    Keywords:   Erosion, Stochastic model, Precipitation, Climate change
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39273
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  74. Rainfall Erosivity in Austria
    Authors:   Andreas Klik, Franz Konecny
    Keywords:   Rainfall erosivity, R-factor, RUSLE, Soil erosion, Climate change
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39274
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  75. Contribution of Historical Extreme Typhoon Events to Sediment Yeild from Lin-Pien Watershed
    Authors:   Chia-Chun Wu, Kuan-Sheng Wu, Ching-Lun Kao
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39275
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  76. CLIGEN: Addressing Deficiencies in the Generator and its Databases
    Authors:   William Rust, Fred Fox, Larry Wagner
    Keywords:   Computer model, Climate, Natural resource model, Simulated rainfall, Simulation models, Weather simulation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39276
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  77. Geospatial Application of the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Model
    Authors:   Dennis C Flanagan, James R Frankenberger, Thomas A Cochrane, Christian S Renschler, William J Elliot
    Keywords:   Geographic information systems, Soil erosion, Prediction, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39277
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  78. Applying Online WEPP to Assess Forest Watershed Hydrology
    Authors:   Shuhui Dun, Joan Q Wu, William J Elliot, James R Frankenberger, Dennis C Flanagan, Donald K McCool
    Keywords:   Forest watershed, Water erosion, Hydrologic modeling, Online WEPP GIS interface
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39278
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  79. Applying WEPP Technologies to Western Alkaline Surface Coal Mines
    Authors:   Joan Q Wu, Shuhui Dun, Hakjun Rhee, Xiangdong Liu, William J Elliot, Tom Golnar, James R Frankenberger, Dennis C Flanagan, Paul W Conrad, Richard L McNearny
    Keywords:   Surface coal mine, Water erosion, Hydrologic modeling, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39279
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  80. Comparison of WEPP and SWAT For Watershed Hydrology and Erosion Prediction
    Authors:   Jan Boll, Erin S Brooks, Zachary M Easton, Tammo S Steenhuis
    Keywords:   Erosion, Hydrology modeling, WEPP, SWAT
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39280
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  81. Linking Gully Erosion and Rainfall Erosivity
    Authors:   Miguel Ángel Campo, Javier Casalí, Rafael Giménez
    Keywords:   Gully erosion, Rainfall erosivity
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39281
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  82. Effects of Topographic Feedback on Erosion and Deposition Prediction
    Authors:   Seth M Dabney, Dalmo A.N Vieira, Daniel C Yoder
    Keywords:   Erosion, Deposition, LiDAR, GIS, RUSLE, Ephemeral gully, Grass hedge, Vegetative barrier
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39282
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  83. Ecological Site Descriptions Including use of State and Transition Models in Impacting Evolution of Plant Communities on Landscape and Erosion Evolution
    Authors:   Michael John Kucera, David T Lightle
    Keywords:   Ecological sites, Ecological site descriptions (ESDs), State and transition models (STMs)
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39283
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  84. Geospatial Technology Application in Landscape Change Monitoring of Southeastern United States Coastal Wetlands and Impact from Global Warming and Climate Change
    Authors:   Sudhanshu S Panda, Karen Burry
    Keywords:   Remote sensing, Image processing, Coastal wetlands, Global change
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39284
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  85. Measuring Streambank Erosion Bank Profiles to more Robustly Estimate Recession Rates and Calibration of the AnnAGNPS-CEAP Model
    Authors:   Clarence Prestwich, William Barry Southerland
    Keywords:   BEHI, Streambank erosion, AnnAGNPS, Water quality, Fluvial geomorphology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39285
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  86. Effect of Canopy Leaf Distribution on Sand Transport and Abrasion Energy
    Authors:   Lawrence J Hagen, Mark E Casada
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Plant damage, Plant abrasion, Sand discharge
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39286
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  87. Wind Tunnel Study on Sand Emission from the Surface of Non-uniform Sand
    Authors:   Ning Huang
    Keywords:   Particle image velocimetry system, Sand emission rate, Particle size distribution
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39287
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  88. Field Wind Tunnel Testing of Two Silt Loam Soils on the North American Central High Plains
    Authors:   Robert Scott Van Pelt, Matthew C Baddock, Ted M Zobeck, Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Alan J Schlegel, Merle F Vigil
    Keywords:   Wind erosion, Silty soils, Erodibility, Dust emissions
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39288
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  89. Coastal Plain Landscape Feature Evolved From Historic Erosion and Deposition
    Authors:   Loris C Asmussen, Walter G Knisel, Loris E Asmussen
    Keywords:   Erosion, Sediment deposition, Landscape, GLEAMS model, Coastal plain
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39289
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  90. Predicting Soil Erosion Potential from Military Vehicle Tracking and Terrain Impacts
    Authors:   Heidi Howard, Paul Ayers, Daniel Koch, Alan Anderson, James Kane, George Bozdech, Niels Svendsen
    Keywords:   Military vehicle, Terrain impact, Erosion
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39290
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  91. Real- or Near-Real Time Monitoring of Military Training Land Sustainability using Geospatial Techniques and Automated Sensor Deployments
    Authors:   Stacy L Hutchinson, J.M Shawn Hutchinson, Philip B Woodford, Christopher Otto
    Keywords:   Landscape management, Remote sensing, Vegetation analysis
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39291
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  92. Pervious Pavers: Where is the Perviousness?
    Authors:   Elizabeth A Pappas, Chi-hua Huang
    Keywords:   Urban runoff, Pavement, Infiltration, Runoff, Surface sealing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39292
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  93. Simulation and Modeling for the Optimal Allocation of Military Lands
    Authors:   Niels G Svendsen, Heidi R Howard, Daniel J Koch, Paul D Ayers, Anne P Dain-Owens
    Keywords:   Land management, Training lands, Land rehabilitation, Land use disturbance, Event tracking, Military land impacts, Simulation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39293
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  94. Long Term Monitoring of Wind Erosion Induced Changes to Soil Properties in Western Kansas
    Authors:   John Tatarko
    Keywords:   Sand, Silt, Clay, Organic matter, Soil texture, Land management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39294
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  95. Evaluation and Improvement of Gabion Walls for Sediment Reduction from Sloping Fields
    Authors:   Yong Hun Choi, Chul Hee Won, Woon Ji Park, Min Hwan Shin, Kyu Chul Bang, Joong Dae Choi
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39295
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  96. Effect of Surface Cover Materials and Soil Amendments on Sediment Discharge from Upland Fields
    Authors:   Woon Ji Park, Hyun Jun Shin, Yong Hun Choi, Min Hwan Shin, Chul Hee Won, Jeong Ryeol Jang, Joong Dae Choi
    Keywords:   Straw mat cover, PAM, Gypsum, Rainfall simulation, Runoff coefficient, Sediment discharge
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39296
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  97. Evaluation and Controlling of Agricultural Hillside Erosion Based on Integrated GIS Methods
    Authors:   János - Tamás, Attila - Nagy, Tünde - Fórián
    Keywords:   DEM, Erosion, Orchard
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39297
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  98. Soil Moisture Fluctuations as Affected by Straw-mat Mulch
    Authors:   Chia-Chun Wu, Chen-Han Wang, Yu-Ting Chan
    Keywords:   Soil moisture fluctuation, Mulch, Straw mat, BMPs
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39298
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  99. Soil Erosion and Sediment Deposition In Granite, Gneiss And Sedimentary Rock Watersheds
    Authors:   Orkhonselenge A
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Sedimentation, Radionuclide 137Cs, Hillslopes, Korea
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39299
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  100. Soil Erosion and Sediment Redistribution Estimated From Soil Geochemical Activity
    Authors:   Orkhonselenge A
    Keywords:   Soil, Erosion, Sediment, Movement, Redistribution
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39300
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  101. The Role of Streambank Erosion Contributions to Sediment Loads in the Town Creek Watershed in Mississippi
    Authors:   John J Ramirez Avila, William H McAnally, Eddy J Langendoen, Sandra L Ortega Achury, James L Martin
    Keywords:   Streambank erosion, Mississippi, CONCEPTS, Modeling, Erodibility
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39301
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  102. Soil Erosion and Productivity Losses in Highly Degraded Soils of the Eastern Savannas of Colombia
    Authors:   John J Ramirez Avila, Edgar F Almanza Manrique, Sandra L Ortega Achury
    Keywords:   Soil erosion, Tropical soils, Oxisols
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39302
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  103. Evaluation of Bulk Density and Vegetation as Affected by Military Vehicle Traffic
    Authors:   Amare Retta, Larry E Wagner, John Tatarko
    Keywords:   Erosion modeling, Wind erosion databases, Military
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39185
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  104. Evaluation of Rice Straw Mat Surface Cover Materials under a Laboratory Rainfall Simulation Condition
    Authors:   Chul hee Won, Min hwan Shin, Yong hun choi, Woon Ji Park, Joong dae Choi
    Keywords:   Straw mat cover, PAM, Runoff, Sediment, SS concentration, Rainfall simulation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39186
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  105. Maturity Process of Rills
    Authors:   Chia-Chun Wu, Ching-Lun Kao, Kuan-Sheng Wu, Po-Lung Chen, Hsiao-Jou Lin, Ching-Wei Lin
    Keywords:   Rill maturity, Erosion process, Transport limiting, Supply limiting
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39187
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  106. Erosion Plot Monitoring: Impact of Different Tillage Systems on Average Annual Soil Erosion and the Significance of Extreme Rainfall Events
    Authors:   Stefan Martin Strohmeier, Andreas Klik
    Keywords:   Erosion plot, Surface runoff, Interrill erosion, Occurrence probability, Extreme storm event
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39188
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  107. Stream Bank Erosion Contributions to Sediment Loads in Jordan Creek, Alaska: DWSM-BE Based Assessment
    Authors:   Debabrata Sahoo, Debasmita Misra, Deva K Borah, Brock Tabor
    Keywords:   Bank erosion, Hydrologic modeling, Overland erosion, Sediment transport, Watershed modeling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39189
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  108. Nenana River Stabilization
    Authors:   Mark B Sherman, Tonya L Bear, Don Carlson
    Keywords:   River restoration, River stabilization, Erosion, Deposition, Bulkhead, Port improvements, River modeling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39190
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  109. Characterization of Microbes Carried in Dust
    Authors:   Terrence G Gardner, Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Ted Zobeck, Matthew C Baddock, Robert Scott Van Pelt, Zachary Senwo
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Wind erosion, Dust emissions, Microbial diversity, Enzyme activities, Pyrosequencing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39191
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  110. Shear Stress Partitioning of Overland Flow on Disturbed and Undisturbed Rangelands
    Authors:   Osama Z Al-Hamdan, Frederick B Pierson, Mark A Nearing, Jeffry J Stone, Christopher Jason Williams, Patrick R Kormos, Jan Boll, Mark A Weltz
    Keywords:   Overland flow, Shear stress partitioning, Fire impact, Soil erosion, Rangeland
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39192
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  111. Multivariate Models for Annual Rainfall Erosivity in Brazil
    Authors:   Carlos Rogério Mello, Marcelo Ribeiro Viola, Samuel Beskow, Lloyd Darrell Norton
    Keywords:   GIS-regression models, Soil erosion, Rainfall erosivity map, Brazilian regions
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39193
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  112. Application of MUSLE to Todoroki River Watershed in Okinawa, Japan
    Authors:   Kazuhito Sakai, Tamotsu Nakandakari
    Keywords:   Soil runoff, Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation (MUSLE), Curve Number (CN)
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39194
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  113. Development of a GIS Interface for WEPP Model Application to Great Lakes Forested Watersheds
    Authors:   James R Frankenberger, Shuhui Dun, Dennis C Flanagan, Joan Q Wu, William J Elliot
    Keywords:   Geographic information systems, Internet, Interface, Soil erosion, Prediction, WEPP
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39195
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  114. Watershed Analysis of Runoff and Erosion Potential on Santa Cruz Watershed (Arizona, USA and Sonora, Mexico): Impact of Climate and Land Cover Changes
    Authors:   Yongping Yuan, Wenming Nie
    Keywords:   Precipitation, Temperature, Stream flow, Peak discharge, Soil erosion, Watershed
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39196
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  115. Integrating WEPP into the WEPS Infrastructure
    Authors:   Fred A Fox, James R Frankenberger, Dennis C Flanagan, Larry E Wagner
    Keywords:   WEPP, WEPS, Water erosion, Wind erosion, Erosion prediction, Model verification
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39197
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  116. Development of VFDM: A Riparian Vegetated Filter Dimensioning Model
    Authors:   Silvio Jose Gumiere, Alain Normand Rousseau
    Keywords:   Riparian buffer zones, Vegetated filters modeling, Sedimentological connectivity
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39198
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  117. USDA Integrated Approaches and Resources for Erosion Prediction and Control in Sustainable Farming Systems
    Authors:   Linda Oyer Scheffe, David T Lightle
    Keywords:   Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA, Erosion prediction, Erosion control, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Sustainable farming systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39199
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  118. Application of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for sediment transport simulation at a headwater watershed in Minas Gerais State, Brazil
    Authors:   Daniel Brasil Pinto, Antônio Marciano Silva, Carlos Rogério Mello, Samuel Beskow, Gilberto Coelho
    Keywords:   Hydrologic simulation, Soil erosion, Headwater watershed, SWAT model
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39200
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  119. Development of a WEPP-Water Quality (WEPP-WQ) Model
    Authors:   M Reza Savabi, Dennis C Flanagan, James R Frankenberger, Bob Hubbard, David Bosch, Tom Potter
    Keywords:   WEPP, Water quality, Nonpoint source pollution, Modeling, Erosion, Nutrients, Pesticides
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.39201
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )