International Symposium on Air Quality and Manure Management for Agriculture Conference Proceedings, 13-16 September 2010, Dallas, Texas

  1. Effect of Moisture Content on the Heating Profile in Composted Broiler Litter
    Authors:   Amy M Schmidt, J D Davis, J L Purswell, A S Kiess
    Keywords:   broiler litter, composting, microbes
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32665
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  2. Sodium Pentobarbital Residues in Compost Piles Containing Carcasses of Euthanized Equines
    Authors:   Lena M Cottle, Lance A Baker, John L Pipkin, David B Parker, Robert E DeOtte Jr., Brent W Auvermann
    Keywords:   Composting, sodium pentobarbital, equine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32666
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  3. Wild Deer as reservoirs of manure pathogens and resistance genes
    Authors:   Carrie Elizabeth Shaffer, Shane W Rogers
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Agricultural management, Antibiotic resistance genes, CAFOs, Manure pathogens, White Tail Deer, Wildlife vectoring
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32667
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  4. Effect of Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure on Bacterial Survival after Land Application
    Authors:   Joe H Harrison, John Gay, Liz Whitefield, Olivia Saunders, Russ McClanahan, Ann Marie Fortuna
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS dairy manure, anaerobic digestion, e-coli, fecal coliform, enterococcus
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32668
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  5. Treatment of Aquaculture Wastewater Using Floating Vegetated Mats
    Authors:   Robert K Hubbard, William Anderson, Gary Burtle, G Larry Newton, John Ruter, Jeff Wilson
    Keywords:   Aquaculture, floating vegetation, nutrient removal, wastewater treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32669
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  6. Phosphorus Removal of Dairy Wastewater via Lime Precipitation
    Authors:   Ronald E Sheffield, Troy F Davis, Vinicius R Moreira, Brian D LeBlanc
    Keywords:   Phosphorus, dairy, wastewater, manure, pathogens, water quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32670
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  7. Vegetated Treatment System Design and Monitoring at two large CAFO beef feedlots in Nebraska
    Authors:   Crystal A Powers, Christopher G Henry, Ryan Walkowiak, J Gross, John A George, Kevin D Gustafson, Robert T Burns, Brian L Woodbury, Roger A Eigenberg, Duane Gangwish
    Keywords:   Beef manure management, vegetated treatment systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32671
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  8. Advancements in Sprinkler Vegetative Treatment Systems for Small and Medium Animal Feeding Operations
    Authors:   Jason Gross, Chris G Henry
    Keywords:   Sprinkler Vegetative Treatment System, Vegetative Treatment Area, CAFO, AFO, open lot runoff control
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32672
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  9. Monitoring the performance of vegetative treatment systems across subhumid and semiarid rainfall zones
    Authors:   Daniel T Ostrem, Todd P Trooien, Stephen H Pohl, Dennis P Todey, Nicholas O Michael
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32673
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  10. Analysis of the Effect of Spatial and Temporal Sampling Densities on Accuracy of Predicting the Heating Profile in Windrowed Broiler Litter
    Authors:   Amy M Schmidt, J D Davis, J L Purswell, Z Fan, A S Kiess
    Keywords:   broiler litter, composting, windrow, ordinary kriging
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32674
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  11. Oklahoma State University Swine Research and Education Center Manure Handling and Utilization System
    Authors:   Douglas W Hamilton, Michael A Kizer, Matthew T Steele, R Scott Frazier, Scott D Carter, Kim S Brock, Ricky D Williamson
    Keywords:   Swine, manure, handling, treatment, facilities, lagoon, anaerobic digestion, irrigation, sub-surface
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32675
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  12. Pyrogasification of Blended Animal Manures to Produce Combustable Gas and Biochar
    Authors:   Kyoung S Ro, Keri B Cantrell, Patrick G Hunt
    Keywords:   Swine manure, chicken litter, blended manure feedstock, pyrolysis, combustible gas, biochar
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32676
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  13. Continuous Operation of a Full Scale Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor Treating Low Strength Swine Manure
    Authors:   Matthew T Steele, Douglas W Hamilton
    Keywords:   Anaerobic digestion, ASBR, manure, biogas
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32677
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  14. Inexpensive biogas Conditioning for small Digesters
    Authors:   Carl S Hansen, Conly L Hansen
    Keywords:   Keywords: Biogas Cleaning, Biofuel, Renewable energy, Green Power, Anaerobic Digestion,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32678
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  15. Approaches for selecting Anaerobic Digestion Co-Substrates for a Full-Scale Beef Manure Digester Using Biochemical Methane Potentials and Anaerobic Toxicity Assays
    Authors:   Steven T Sell, Robert T Burns, D Raj Raman, Lara B Moody
    Keywords:   Anaerobic Digestion, Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP), Anaerobic Toxicity Assays (ATA), Beef Manure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32679
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  16. Investigations into the Beneficial Uses of Ash from the Combustion of Manure from Beef Cattle Feedlots
    Authors:   Robert E DeOtte, B A Stewart, Anthony J Megel, Murali Darapuneni, Clay A Robinson, David B Parker
    Keywords:   Manure ash, fly ash, ash uses, Class F fly ash
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32680
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  17. Mechanical and Chemical Treatment of Slurry from Pig Finishing Units to Reduce Odor and Ammonia Emissions
    Authors:   Kristoffer E.N Jonassen, Merete Lyngbye, Karen Sørensen, Carsten Christophersen
    Keywords:   Ammonia, Odor, Emission, Pig Slurry, Slurry pits, Ozone, Acid, Slurry separation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32681
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  18. Emergency Response in Disasters Involving Livestock What Happens Before You Dispose of the Carcasses? Lessons Learned
    Authors:   Robert E DeOtte, David J Solis
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: agricultural disaster preparedness, livestock disaster, livestock disaster response, agricultural disaster response, carcass disposal
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32682
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  19. Physical and Chemical Properties of Runoff from Beef Feedlots in Iowa
    Authors:   Laura M Pepple, Daniel Steven Andersen, Robert T Burns, Lara B Moody
    Keywords:   Feedlot runoff, particle density, particle size, settleability, runoff effluent, settling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32683
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  20. Generation and Emissions of Volatile Fatty Acids and Alcohols during Anaerobic Storage of Dairy Manure
    Authors:   Hamed M El-Mashad, Ruihong Zhang, Veronica Arteaga, Tom R Rumsey, Frank M Mitloehner
    Keywords:   VOCs emissions, modeling, acetic acid, dairy manure, lagoon, manure storage
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32684
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  21. Using AWM for Evaluating Existing Structures
    Authors:   Harbans Lal
    Keywords:   KEYWORD: Animal Waste Management, Waste Storage Structures, Anaerobic Lagoons, Design and Evaluation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32685
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  22. An Educational Program to Reduce Risk when Entering Confined-Space Manure Storages
    Authors:   James A Tillapaugh, Dennis J Murphy, Harvey B Manbeck
    Keywords:   Confined-space manure storage, gas evacuation, farm safety, safety education
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32686
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  23. Using Total Solids Concentration to Estimate Nutrient Content of Feedlot Runoff Effluent from Solid Settling Basins, Vegetative Infiltration Basins, and Vegetative Treatment Areas
    Authors:   Daniel Steven Andersen, Robert T Burns, Lara B Moody, Mathew J Helmers
    Keywords:   Feedlot runoff, vegetative treatment systems, vegetative treatment areas, vegetative infiltration basins, nutrient content, correlation, regression
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32687
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  24. Comparison of Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Fattening Pigs Kept Either on Partially Slatted Floor in Cold Conditions or on Fully Slatted Floor in Thermoneutral Conditions
    Authors:   Nadine GUINGAND, Nathalie QUINIOU, Valérie COURBOULAY
    Keywords:   Pig housing, ammonia, greenhouse gas, floor, temperature
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32688
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  25. Draining of Slurry Pits - a Simple Way to Reduce Emissions from Pig Housing Units
    Authors:   Kristoffer E.N Jonassen, Merete Lyngbye
    Keywords:   Ammonia, Odor, Emission, Pig Slurry, Slurry pits,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32689
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  26. Ammonia Emissions From Swine-Manure Aerobic Composting Facility With Natural Ventilation
    Authors:   Bo Wei, Kaiying Wang, Xiaorong Dai, Zhangying Ye
    Keywords:   NH3, Natural ventilation, swine manure, Composting room
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32690
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  27. Land Application of Liquid Manure Using the AerWay SSD
    Authors:   Robert A McLeod, Tyler R Wreford
    Keywords:   Nutrient, Incorporation, Compaction, AerWay, Manure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32691
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  28. Long Term Effects of Annual Additions of Animal Manure on Soil Chemical, Physical, and Biological Properties in the Great Plains
    Authors:   Mindy J Spiehs, Bryan L Woodbury, David D Tarkalson, Brian J Wienhold, Roger A Eigenberg
    Keywords:   Manure, Land application, Cover crop, Carbon, Phosphorus, Nitrogen
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32692
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  29. Subsurface Manure Application to Reduce Ammonia Emissions
    Authors:   Curtis J Dell, Tyson L Myers, Douglas B Beegle, Peter J.A Kleinman
    Keywords:   Ammonia emissions, manure management, manure ammonia volatilization and incorporation systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32693
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    Authors:   Magdy A Baiomy
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32694
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  31. Effect of Dairy Manure and Anaerobically Digested Manure and Method of Application on Yield and Nitrogen Uptake of Grass
    Authors:   Elizabeth M Whitefield, Joseph H Harrison, Andrew Bary, Olivia Saunders, Craig Cogger, Ann Marie Fortuna
    Keywords:   Key words: anaerobic digester, nitrogen uptake, dairy manure, land application,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32695
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  32. Enhanced Reduced Sulfur Emission from Manures of Beef Cattle Fed Distiller’s Byproducts
    Authors:   Daniel N Miller, Vincent H Varel, Bryan L Woodbury, Mindy J Spiehs
    Keywords:   Distiller’s Byproducts, Cattle, Manure, Sulfur Emission
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32696
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  33. Ammonia emissions from feedlot surface of beef deep-bedded monoslope facilities
    Authors:   Mindy J Spiehs, Bryan L Woodbury, Beth E Doran, Roger A Eigenberg, Kris D Kohl
    Keywords:   Ammonia, Beef cattle, Deep-bedded system, Monoslope barn, Odor
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32697
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  34. Nutrient Management Regulations In The Chesapeake Bay Watershed
    Authors:   William F Ritter
    Keywords:   Keywords: Chespeake Bay, nitrogen, phosphorus, agriculture, dairy, poultry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32698
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  35. Increasing energy and lysine in diets for growing-finishing pigs in hot ENVIRONMENTS: a preliminary study of the consequences on productive performance, slurry composition and gas emission
    Authors:   Verónica Moset, Laura Torres, Antonio G Torres, Alba Cerisuelo
    Keywords:   Energy, Lysine, Growth Performance, Gas Emission
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32699
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  36. Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Medium-Chain Saturated Fatty Acids on Ammonia and Methane Emitting Potential of Dairy Manure
    Authors:   Alexander N Hristov, Chanhee Lee, Terri Cassidy, Maria Long, Kyle Heyler, Eileen Wheeler, Patrick Topper
    Keywords:   Lauric Acid, Coconut oil, Dairy cow, Manure, Ammonia, Methane
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32700
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  37. Considerations for Management of Livestock during an Infectious Animal Disease Incident as an Alternative to Massive Carcass Disposal using Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Beef Cattle Feedlots as an Example
    Authors:   Robert E DeOtte, Jr., Robert E DeOtte, III
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS disease management, carcass disposal alternatives, stamping out, limited depopulation, premises modeling, vaccination, livestock harvest, foot and mouth disease, FMD
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32701
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  38. The Challenge of Providing Manure Management Education and Keeping It Fresh
    Authors:   Randy Fonner, Ted L Funk
    Keywords:   extension, manure management, nutrient management, training
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32702
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  39. Livestock*A*Syst for Small and medium Farm Environmental Assessment
    Authors:   Natalie Bement Rector
    Keywords:   Manure, water quality, environmental protection, farmyard manure, livestock
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32703
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  40. Use of Steel Slag to Reduce Phosphorus Loading in Animal Waste Handling Systems
    Authors:   R L Miller, B J Jensen, B T Munns, G E Cardon
    Keywords:   Steel Slag, Effluent, Phosphorus, Phosphorus Removal
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32704
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  41. Characterization of Solids and Nutrient Retention of a Manure Storage Tank in a Dairy Manure Handling System
    Authors:   Tamilee D Nennich, Tana S Dennis, John E McMillan, Alan L Sutton
    Keywords:   Dairy manure, settling tanks, manure management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32705
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  42. Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure for Energy and Nutrients Recovery
    Authors:   Omayra Ortiz – Santiago, Luis R Pérez - Alegría, Fernando Pantoja - Agreda
    Keywords:   Anaerobic Digestion; Methane Gas; Energy Reactors; Dairy Manure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32706
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  43. Coal-Ash as a Surfacing Material for Feedlots to Improve Energy and Nutrient Value of Manure
    Authors:   Bryan L Woodbury, Roger A Eigenberg, Mindy J Spiehs, David B Parker
    Keywords:   Coal ash, Pond ash, Higher heating value, Feedlot surface material, Volatile solids
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32707
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  44. Energy and Nutrient Recovery from Cattle Feedlots
    Authors:   Roger A Eigenberg, Bryan L Woodbury, David B Parker, Mindy J Spiehs
    Keywords:   soil conductivity, economics, cattle feedlots, manure, energy
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32708
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  45. Modeling Odor Dispersion from Internal Boundary Layer Process
    Authors:   John A McEnery, Clifford B Fedler, James M Gregory
    Keywords:   air dispersion modeling, feedlot emissions, mathematical models, wind
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32613
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  46. Modeling PM10 Regional Transport from Disking Operations
    Authors:   Junming Wang, Ted W Sammis, David R Miller, David Granucci, April L Hiscox, Britt Holmén, John Kasumba, Manoj K Shukla, Sam O Dennis
    Keywords:   air quality, disking operation, Hysplit4, dynamic model, PM10, pollution
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32614
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  47. Direct Measurements of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ground Level Area Sources in a Dairy Operation
    Authors:   Md Saidul Borhan, Sergio Capareda, Saqib Mukhtar, William Brock Faulkner, Russell McGee, Calvin B Parnell Jr.
    Keywords:   CH4, CO2, N2O, free-stall dairy, EPA Method TO-14A, emissions factor, season
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32615
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  48. Characterization and Gas Emission from Pig Slurry with and Without Previous Solid-Liquid Separation
    Authors:   V Moset, A G Torres, F Estellés, A Cerisuelo
    Keywords:   Gas Emissions, Pig Slurry, Mechanical Solid Separation, Chemical Composition
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32616
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  49. Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions for Seven On-Farm Dairy Manure-based Anaerobic Digestion Systems – Final Results
    Authors:   Jennifer L Pronto, Curt A Gooch
    Keywords:   Greenhouse gases, carbon credits, anaerobic digestion, dairy, manure treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32617
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  50. Methane Emissions From A New Mexico Dairy Lagoon System
    Authors:   Richard W Todd, N Andy Cole, Kenneth D Casey, Robert Hagevoort, Brent W Auvermann
    Keywords:   methane, methane emission, greenhouse gases, dairy wastes, waste water, manure management systems, micrometerology, laser spectroscopy, inverse modeling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32618
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  51. Analyzing the Cost Effectiveness of Accounting for the Methane Emissions from Livestock Anaerobic Digestion Projects
    Authors:   Patrick J Wood
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: anaerobic digestion, carbon offsets, bioenergy, dairy wastes, manure management, dairy, economic feasibility
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32619
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  52. Emissions of aerial pollutants from poultry houses
    Authors:   A. J. A Aarnink, A Winkel, J Mosquera, N. W. M Ogink
    Keywords:   dust emission, ammonia emission, poultry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32620
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  53. Comparison of Gas Sampling Bags to Temporarily Store Hydrogen Sulfide, Ammonia, and Greenhouse Gases
    Authors:   Neslihan Akdeniz, Kevin A Janni, Larry D Jacobson, Brian P Hetchler
    Keywords:   FlexFoil bag, Tedlar bag, gas sampling, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, greenhouse gases
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32621
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  54. Photometric Measurement of Ground-Level Fugitive Dust Emissions From Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
    Authors:   S L. P Sakirkin, B W Auvermann, T Kwon, G W Marek, K Heflin, K J Bush
    Keywords:   Feedyard, feedlot, open-lot dairy, fugitive, dust, emissions, PM10, photometry, visibility
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32622
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  55. Design and Implementation of Air pollution measuring Portable Device of Wheat Crop Threashing
    Authors:   M A Baiomy, A M El-Gindy, Wesam, Sh Mohamed, M M Abdelhamed
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Design and Implementation, Proposed, Portable, Pollution Performance Index (PPI), Sensation System (SS) Device, Air pollution, Threshing, Machine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32623
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  56. Mitigation and Remediation of Gaseous Emissions from Swine Production Facilities
    Authors:   Kyle Scott Blankenship, Jason Clemn Turner, Scott Carter, Jeffory Allen Hattey
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: biofilter, swine, animal waste, pig housing, production, CAFOs
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32624
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  57. A mass transfer model of ethanol emission from thin layers of corn silage
    Authors:   Hamed M El-Mashad, Ruihong Zhang, Tom R Rumsey, Sasha Hafner, Felipe Montes, Alan Rotz, Veronica Arteaga, Yongjing Zhao, Frank M Mitloehner
    Keywords:   VOC emissions, modeling, dairy farms, ethanol emissions, mass transfer coefficient, corn silage
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32625
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  58. A simplified method to assess greenhouse gas and ammonia emission factors of fattening pigs reared on fully slatted floor.
    Authors:   Nadine GUINGAND, Solène LAGADEC, Paul ROBIN, Mélynda HASSOUNA
    Keywords:   Greenhouse gas, ammonia, emission factors, fattening pig, fully slatted floor
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32626
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  59. Comparison of Different Dynamic Floating Chambers to Assess Gaseous Emissions from Stored Pig Slurry
    Authors:   Mélynda Hassouna, Sandrine Espagnol, Solène LAGADEC, Laurence Loyon, Fabrice Guiziou, Paul ROBIN
    Keywords:   Ammonia, greenhouse gases, slurry, emissions, flux chamber
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32627
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  60. Catalytic Ozonation of Air Pollutants from Swine Farming Operations
    Authors:   Veronica Mbaneme, Praveen Kolar
    Keywords:   Odor, Isovaleric acid, Catalyst, Ozone, Oxidation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32628
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  61. Applications and Calibrations of the FANS and Traverse Methods for Barn Airflow Rate Measurement
    Authors:   Teng Teeh Lim, Ji-Qin Ni, Albert J Heber, Yaomin Jin
    Keywords:   Ventilation rate, emission, anemometer, air quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32629
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  62. Micro-tunnel method of flux measurement on sample repeatability and flux predictive model
    Authors:   David Schmidt, Charles Clanton, Blanca Martinez, Jacek Koziel, Linghuang Cai, Shicheng Zhang, Ketty Clow
    Keywords:   Flux, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, VOC, micro-tunnel, manure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32630
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  63. A Process-based Model for Ammonia Emission from Storages of Flushed Dairy Manure
    Authors:   Venkata K Vaddella, Pius M Ndegwa, Hung-soo Joo
    Keywords:   Ammonia, emission fluxes, dilute dairy manure, manure storages, UV-DOAS, backward Lagrangian scholastic (BLS)
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32631
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  64. A Model of Ammonium Ion Dissociation in Liquid Dairy Manure
    Authors:   Venkata K Vaddella, Pius M Ndegwa, Anping Jiang
    Keywords:   Ammonium dissociation constant, liquid-dairy manure, modeling, connective emission chamber (CEC), ammonia emission, ammonia volatilization
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32632
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  65. Factors Affecting Methane Emission Potential of Swine and Cattle Manures
    Authors:   M Verma, S Godbout, J P Larouche, L Potvin, S P Lemay, A M Chapman, F Pelletier, S K Brar
    Keywords:   Anaerobic digestion, biodegradability, beef, dairy, emission factor, greenhouse gas, manure, methane, swine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32633
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  66. The Air Emissions from Broiler Buildings in California
    Authors:   Xing Jun Lin, Erin Cortus, Ruihong Zhang, Shumei Jiang, Albert Heber
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Greenhouse Gases, Ethanol, Particulate matter, Ventilation rates
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32634
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  67. The Gaseous and Particulate Matter Emissions from High-Rise Layer Buildings in California
    Authors:   Xing Jun Lin, Erin Cortus, Ruihong Zhang, Shumei Jiang, Albert Heber
    Keywords:   Emission, Gases, Particulate Matter, Layer, Egg Production, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32635
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  68. Using CAPECAB to Process Emission Data in the National Air Emissions Monitoring Study
    Authors:   Erin L Cortus, Bill Bogan, Kaiying Wang, Teng Lim, Jiqin Ni, Matthew Eisentraut, Paul Eisentraut, Albert Heber
    Keywords:   emissions, National Air Emissions Monitoring Study, software, livestock, poultry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32636
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  69. A Comparison of Gaseous Emissions from Swine Finisher Facilities Fed Traditional vs. A DDGS-Based Diet
    Authors:   Laura M Pepple, Robert T Burns, Hongwei Xin, Hong Li, John Patience
    Keywords:   DDGS, aerial emissions, gas concentrations, swine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32637
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  70. Using Webcasts to Highlight Air Quality Research
    Authors:   Richard R Stowell, Jill Heemstra, D. Schulte , R. Sheffield , K. Janni , E. Wheeler E. Wheeler E. Wheeler
    Keywords:   Air emissions, Air quality regulation, Educational media, Environmental policy, Extension program, Web-based information
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32638
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  71. Odor and Odorous Chemical Emissions from Animal Buildings: Part 2- Odor Emissions
    Authors:   N Akdeniz, L D Jacobson, B P Hetchler, S D Bereznicki, A J Heber, R B Jacko, K Y Heathcote, S J Hoff, J A Koziel, L Cai, S Zhang, D B Parker, E A Caraway
    Keywords:   Olfactometry, odor emission, intensity, hedonic tone, dairy, swine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32639
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  72. Odor and Chemical Emissions from Dairy and Swine Facilities: Part 1 – Project Overview and Collection Methods
    Authors:   Sarah D Bereznicki, Albert J Heber, Robert B Jacko, Neslihan Akdeniz, Larry D Jacobson, Brian P Hetchler, Katie Y Heathcote, Steve J Hoff, Jacek A Koziel, Lingshuang Cai, Shicheng Zhang, David B Parker, Edward A Caraway
    Keywords:   Animal feeding operation, odor, chemical, emission, methods
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32640
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  73. Downwind Odor Analysis Using a Field Olfactometer and a Handheld Weather Station
    Authors:   Sarah D Bereznicki, Albert J Heber, Robert B Jacko
    Keywords:   Nasal Ranger, olfactometer, weather, setback, model
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32641
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  74. What’s The Big Stink? An Introduction To Managing Odor in Agriculture
    Authors:   John E Ferguson, Sarah M Tebbutt, Stacey L Woodruff
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS : odor, agriculture, regulations, consent decree
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32642
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  75. Ground Truthing CALPUFF and AERMOD for Odor Dispersion from Swine Barns using Ambient Odor Assessment Techniques
    Authors:   Christopher G Henry, Peter C D’Abreton, Robin J Ormerod, Geordie Galvin, Steve J Hoff, Larry D Jacobsen, Dennis D Schulte, Dave P Billesbach
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS: CALPUFF, AERMOD, Odor modeling, Nasal Ranger, Mask Scentometer, Odor Intensity Reference Scales, Odor Intensity
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32643
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  76. Comparison of Ambient Odor Assessment Techniques in a Controlled Environment
    Authors:   Chris G Henry, Dennis D Schulte, Steve J Hoff, Larry D Jacobson, Ann M Parkhurst
    Keywords:   KEYWORDS, Mask Scentometer, Nasal Ranger®, odor intensity, Dynamic triangular forced choice olfactometry, ambient odor assessment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32644
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  77. Odor and Odorous Chemical Emissions from Animal Buildings: Part 5 –Correlations between Odor Intensities and Chemical Concentrations (gc-ms/o)
    Authors:   Shicheng Zhang, Lingshuang Cai, Jacek A Koziel, Steven J Hoff, Katie Y Heathcote, Larry Jacobson, Neslihan Akdeniz, Brian Hetchler, David B Parker, Edward A Caraway, Albert J Heber, Sarah D Bereznicki
    Keywords:   Animal feeding operation, odor, odor intensity, chemical concentration, volatile fatty acids (VFAs), phenolics, indolics, Weber-Fechner law, correlation, GC-MS/O
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32645
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  78. Odor and Odorous Chemical Emissions from Animal Buildings: Part 3- Chemical emissions
    Authors:   Lingshuang Cai, Shicheng Zhang, Jacek A Koziel, Gong Sun, Katie Y Heathcote, Steven J Hoff, David B Parker, Edward A Caraway, Larry D Jacobson, Neslihan Akdeniz, Brian P Hetchler, Erin L Cortus, Sarah D Bereznicki, Albert J Heber
    Keywords:   Odor, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), VOC emissions, volatile fatty acids (VFAs), phenolics, indolics, dairy, swine, sorbent tube, thermal desorption, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32646
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  79. Odor and Odorous Chemical Emissions from Animal Buildings: Part 4- Correlations Between Sensory and Chemical Measurements
    Authors:   L D Jacobson, N Akdeniz, B P Hetchler, S D Bereznicki, A J Heber, R B Jacko, K Y Heathcote, S J Hoff, J A Koziel, L Cai, S Zhang, D B Parker, E A Caraway
    Keywords:   Olfactometry, odor emission, dairy, swine, gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32647
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  80. Reduction of Malodors from Swine Lagoons through Influent Pre-treatment
    Authors:   Ariel A Szogi, John H Loughrin, Matias B Vanotti
    Keywords:   Anaerobic lagoon, Malodor, Manure, Nitrification/denitrification, Swine, Volatile, Wastewater,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32648
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  81. Preliminary study of effects of anaerobic digestion of manure on VFA content and Odor concentration
    Authors:   Yolanda Úbeda, J Nicolas, Salvador Calvet, Amparo López, Roland Neyrinck
    Keywords:   Odor measurement, Anaerobic Digestion, Manure, Chemical Composition, Volatile Fatty Acids
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32649
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  82. Amendments For Short- And Medium-Term Mitigation Of Odor Emissions From Dairy Manure
    Authors:   Eileen Fabian Wheeler, Arlene Adviento-Borbe, Robin Brandt, Patrick Topper, Deborah Topper, Hershel Elliott, Robert Graves, Alex Hristov, Virginia Ishler, Mary Ann Bruns
    Keywords:   Emission, detection, hedonic tone, odor intensity, amendment, dairy manure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32650
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  83. Effect of Bedding Material on Dust and Ammonia Emission from Broiler Houses
    Authors:   Jan van Harn, André Aarnink, J Mosquera, N.W.M Ogink
    Keywords:   Broilers, dust emission, ammonia emission, bedding material
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32651
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  84. Time-Varying PM10 Emissions from Open-Lot Dairies and Cattle Feedyards
    Authors:   Brent W Auvermann, Jack Bush, Gary Marek, Kevin Heflin, Brad Wilhite, Sharon L. P Sakirkin
    Keywords:   Feedyard, feedlot, open-lot dairy, fugitive emissions, PM10, dust, AERMOD, dispersion modeling, time-varying
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32652
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  85. Source identification and quantification of particulate matter emitted from livestock houses
    Authors:   María Cambra-López, Txomin Hermosilla, Huong T.L Lai, Marta Montero, André J.A Aarnink, Nico W.M Ogink
    Keywords:   Animal housing, Dust, Emissions, Source apportionment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32709
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  86. The Environmental Cost of Reducing Agricultural PM2.5 Emissions
    Authors:   Paul A Funk
    Keywords:   Air Pollution, Ambient Air Quality, Fine Particulate
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32653
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  87. Bacterial Characterization, Deposition, and Emission Factors for Particulate Matter Generated During the Land Application of Dairy Manure in Northern New York
    Authors:   Michael A Jahne, Shane W Rogers
    Keywords:   bioaerosols, particulate matter, manure application, qPCR, emission factors
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32654
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  88. Development of Low-Cost Dust Generation Chamber and Wireless Nephelometers for a Feedlot Dust Study
    Authors:   Scott R Klar, Taek M Kwon, Brent W Auvermann
    Keywords:   Aerosols, air pollution, sensors, calibration, dust, concentration, detector, sampling, generation, scattering, vacuum, PM10, nephelometer, DustTrak, wireless, chamber, feedlot, COTS
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32655
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  89. Field Evaluation of Windbreak Effect on Airflow Downwind of Poultry Housing Tunnel Fans
    Authors:   Y Liang, K W VanDevender, G T Tabler
    Keywords:   Air Emission, Particulate matter, Windbreak wall
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32656
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  90. Effect of Feeding Schedule on Fractionated Particulate Matter Distribution in Rooster House
    Authors:   Nanh C Lovanh, John Loughrin, Phil Silva, Rich Gates, Joseph Taraba, George Day
    Keywords:   Air Quality, Rooster, Poultry, Suspended Particulate Matter, Rice Hull Bedding, Fractionated Particulate Matter
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32657
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  91. A Comparison of Particulate Matter Concentration Measured by TEOM and DustTrak
    Authors:   Jacob P Post, Sreekala G Bajwa, Yi Liang, Tom A Costello
    Keywords:   Broiler house, DustTrak, TEOM, Particulate matter, Emission
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32658
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  92. Influence of Reduced N Diets on Ammonia Emissions from Cattle Feedlot Pens
    Authors:   Karen J Galles, J M Ham, E Westover, J J Stratton, J Wagner, S Archibeque
    Keywords:   Air Quality, Reactive Nitrogen, Ruminant Nutrition, Flux Measurement
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32659
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  93. Modeling Ammonia Emissions from Cattle Feedlot Pens
    Authors:   Jay M Ham
    Keywords:   ammonia emission, reactive nitrogen, simulation modeling, surface energy balance, micrometeorology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32660
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  94. Ammonia Emissions from Downtime Litter Management in Broiler Housing
    Authors:   Yi Liang, Karl W VanDevender, G Tom Tabler
    Keywords:   Broiler, Ammonia emissions, Built-up litter, Windrow composting
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32661
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  95. Ammonia Emission, Manure Nutrients And Egg Production Of Laying Hens Fed Distiller Dried Grain Diets
    Authors:   Eileen Fabian Wheeler, Paul Patterson, Hongwei Xin, Richard Gates, Chad Gregory, Ahmet Pekel, Heather Burley, Adrizal Adrizal, Patrick Topper, Arlene Adviento-Borbe
    Keywords:   Emission, mitigation, diet, poultry, ammonia, gas, egg, production
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32662
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  96. Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds from Ground Level Area Sources in a Dairy Operation using Isolation Flux Chamber
    Authors:   Md Saidul Borhan, Sergio Capareda, Saqib Mukhtar, William Brock Faulkner, Russell McGee, Calvin B Parnell Jr.
    Keywords:   Phenol, p-cresol, VOC, free-stall dairy, Method TO-14A, emissions factor, season
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32663
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  97. A Farm-Level Model of VOC Emission from Silage
    Authors:   Sasha D Hafner, Felipe Montes, C Alan Rotz, Frank M Mitloehner
    Keywords:   Dairy farms; volatile organic compounds; silage emissions; ozone precursors; mathematical model
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.32664
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