Eleventh Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems Conference Proceedings, 20-24 October 2007, Warwick, Rhode Island

  1. Speaking the Same Language: A Glossary for the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Field
    Authors:   Nancy E Deal, John R Buchanan, Kitt Farrell-Poe, Mark A Gross, David Gustafson, David Kalen, Bruce J Lesikar, David L Lindbo, George W Loomis, Justin Mechell, Randy Miles, Courtney O’Neill
    Keywords:   glossary, wastewater treatment, onsite wastewater treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23974
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  2. Modeling Long Term Acceptance Rates for OWMSs
    Authors:   D E Radcliffe, L T West
    Keywords:   Numerical models, Septic systems, Unsaturated flow, Wastewater management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23975
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  3. Developing Indicators of Contamination Originating from On-Site Wastewater Treatment
    Authors:   Talia Chalew, Howard Weinberg
    Keywords:   : septic systems, caffeine, triclosan
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23976
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  4. Modeling of Phosphorus Reactions during Wastewater Infiltration using Analytical and Numerical Modeling Techniques
    Authors:   Kathleen A Lindstrom, John E McCray, Geoffrey D Thyne
    Keywords:   Phosphorus, Phosphorus removal, PHREEQC, Sorption, Precipitation, Modeling, Wastewater
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23977
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  5. Organic Contaminants in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Authors:   Kathleen E Conn, Robert L Siegrist, Larry B Barber, Gregory K Brown
    Keywords:   Individual organic compounds, endocrine disrupting compounds, non-residential wastewater, biofilter treatment, water quality monitoring
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23978
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  6. Molecular Characterization of the Microbial Community in Onsite Treatment Units
    Authors:   Jill Tomaras, Jason W Sahl, John R Spear, Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   septic tank effluent, microbes, 16S rRNA
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23979
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  7. Re-examining “Nitrate Toxicity”: A Call for a More Rational Approach to Effluent Limits for Nitrogen in Decentralized Wastewater Treatment
    Authors:   Jason John Churchill
    Keywords:   Nitrate, nitrogen, methemoglobinemia, blue-baby, cancer
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23980
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  8. Nitrogen Removal for Cluster Residential and Commercial Development, Main Street Village, Mashpee, MA
    Authors:   Pio S Lombardo
    Keywords:   Wastewater, Nitrogen, Innovative Technology, Eutrophication Control
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23981
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  9. Modeling the Effect of Population Growth on Stream Nutrient Concentration in Turkey Creek Watershed using the WARMF Model
    Authors:   Mengistu Geza, John E McCray
    Keywords:   Keywords: OWS, WWTP, NPS, WARMF, Nutrient loading
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23982
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  10. Correlating Denitrification Rates to Soil Texture using Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
    Authors:   Maria B Tucholke, John E McCray, Geoffrey D Thyne, Reagan M Waskom
    Keywords:   Denitrification, Nitrate, Soil Texture, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23983
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  11. Wastewater and Nutrient Reuse from an Office Building – The HUBER ReUse Concept
    Authors:   Sandra Schuler
    Keywords:   Reuse, Green Building, Membrane Bioreactor, Source Separation, Nutrient Removal, Urine, Closed-loop-system
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23984
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  12. Utilizing GIS And Land Management Data To Assess Onsite Wastewater Facilities In Small Communities
    Authors:   Alan T Brewer
    Keywords:   Onsite sewage systems, drainfield failure, watershed protection, water quality, modeling sewage system failure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23985
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  13. Integrating Rural Wastwater Management: Crow Wing County Sanitary Management District
    Authors:   Craig Gilbertson, Richard J Otis
    Keywords:   Managed Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems, Sanitary Management District, Sanitary Subordinate District, Management Standards, Crow Wing County MN
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23986
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  14. The Politics of Sewage Disposal – Montgomery County (MD) On-Site Systems: Should they be used to Regulate Growth?
    Authors:   Gene L Von Gunten
    Keywords:   Regulation, Growth, Technology, Sand Mounds, Use
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23987
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  15. Translating a risk-based land-use planning issue to a decision making tool using simple GIS approaches
    Authors:   Steven Carroll, Evan Thomas, Lloyd Fielding, Charles Dowding, Les Dawes, Ashantha Goonetilleke
    Keywords:   Australia, land-use planning, development, geographical information systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23988
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  16. On-Site Wastewater Permit Nightmares or Easy Ways to Pay Tort Claims
    Authors:   Gene Young, Kevin Neal, David Lindbo, Joe Lynn, Andy Adams
    Keywords:   On-site Wastewater, Permitting, Tort Claims, Environmental Health Specialist, Quality Assurance, Planning
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23989
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  17. Engineering of a Soil Treatment Unit as a Unit Operation in an Onsite Wastewater System
    Authors:   Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   Decentralized wastewater systems, soil absorption systems, septic tank drainfields, reuse
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23990
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  18. A comparison of conventional septic tank systems and alternative horizontal subsurface-flow reed bed systems in the treatment of domestic wastewater
    Authors:   Niall David O’Luanaigh, Laurence William Gill, Titiksh Patel, Paul Johnston, Bruce Misstear
    Keywords:   On-site wastewater treatment, STE, septic tank effluent; SE, secondary effluent; percolation area, freely draining, horizontal subsurface flow reed bed, evapotranspiration
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23991
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  19. Conduction Shape Factor Method Applied to the Modeling of Oxygen Diffusion Through Soil
    Authors:   William S Janna
    Keywords:   Shape factor, diffusion, oxygen
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23992
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  20. Long Term Impacts of Micro-Irrigation “Drip” Treatment and Disposal Systems on Delaware’s Marginal Soils
    Authors:   John G Hayes, Amber N Moore
    Keywords:   Keywords: on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system, micro-irrigation “drip” treatment and disposal systems, aerobic treatment unit, seasonal high water table
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23993
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  21. Improved Sizing Methodology for Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration Systems
    Authors:   Kevin D White
    Keywords:   Keywords: trench sizing, infiltration, organic loading, biomat, and oxygen transport
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23994
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  22. Performance Evaluation of a Top Loading Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
    Authors:   Lesley A Spokas, Peter L.M Veneman, Stephen C Simkins, Sharon C Long
    Keywords:   Constructed Wetland, Water Quality,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23995
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  23. Design of Delivery Device for Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection
    Authors:   Harsha S Gulian-Krishnaswamy, Karen M Mancl
    Keywords:   Chlorine Dioxide, Wastewater Disinfection, Delivery Device, Onsite Sewage systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23996
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  24. Treatment of Turkey Processing Wastewater with Sand and Sand-Textile Bioreactors
    Authors:   Rashmi S Gaur, Karen M Mancl, Olli H Tuovinen
    Keywords:   Fixed-media, sand bioreactor, sand-textile bioreactor, turkey processing wastewater
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23997
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  25. Factors Affecting the Performance of Primary Treatment Units in Decentralized Wastewater Systems
    Authors:   Victor A D’Amato, Sarah K Liehr
    Keywords:   septic tank, grease trap, decentralized, primary treatment, anaerobic reactor, settling
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23998
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  26. Evaluating Pressurization Time and Application Uniformity for Residential Drip Fields
    Authors:   Xiaojing Duan, Bruce J Lesikar, Russell A Persyn, Ann L Kenimer, Justin K Mechell
    Keywords:   wastewater subsurface distribution, drip emitters, pressure compensating, non-pressure compensating, flow rates, design factors, operating schemes, dose cycle, application uniformity, pressurization time, dose time
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.23999
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  27. Quantitative Risk Assessment of Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems in a Drinking Water Catchment
    Authors:   Ben A Asquith, Joe H Whitehead, Luke J Kidd
    Keywords:   decentralized wastewater management, geographical information systems, modeling, risk assessment, wastewater management, water quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24000
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  28. Updating North Carolina’s Education and Training Curriculum for Onsite/Decentralized Wastewater Treatment System Operators
    Authors:   Steve Reid, Nancy E Deal, Beth Buffington, David Lindbo
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24001
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  29. The Evolution of Decentralized Wastewater Management Regulations in Tennessee
    Authors:   John R Buchanan
    Keywords:   Onsite wastewater systems, decentralized wastewater management systems, subsurface wastewater drip dispersal, regulations
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24002
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  30. Field Performance of Advanced Wastewater Pretreatment Systems – Inferences from North Carolina’s Experience
    Authors:   S J Berkowitz
    Keywords:   Wastewater Treatment, Peat Systems, Textile Systems, Media Filters, Sampling protocol, Performance Standards
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24003
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  31. Controlled Field Performance Evaluation of a Drip Dispersal System Used for Wastewater Reclamation in Colorado
    Authors:   Rebecca Erin Parzen, Jill Tomaras, Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   Key Words Drip dispersal, drip irrigation, nitrogen, disk filters
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24004
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  32. Fixed Film Pretreatment of Winery Wastewater Using BioCOIR™
    Authors:   Brian K Corwin, Thomas C Petty, Kevin Michael Sherman
    Keywords:   Onsite wastewater, winery wastewater, coir, fixed film treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24005
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  33. The Benefits of a Variance Procedure in Onsite Wastewater Regulations
    Authors:   Kevin Michael Sherman
    Keywords:   Variance, Regulatory program, Septic tanks, Florida, Onsite wastewater
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24006
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  34. Removal of COD and BOD5 in Sanitary Sewer Overflow with Fixed Media Bioreactors
    Authors:   Jing Tao, Karen M Mancl, Olli H Tuovinen
    Keywords:   BOD5, COD, Fixed media bioreactor, Sanitary sewer overflow
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24007
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  35. Pretreatment of Turkey Fat in Wastewater in Sand Bioreactors
    Authors:   Rashmi Singh Gaur, Karen M Mancl, Olli H Tuovinen
    Keywords:   Keywords: Sand bioreactor, sand filtration, turkey fat, wastewater treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24008
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  36. Spectrophotommetric Measurement of Chlorine Dioxide Residuals in Wastewater Disinfection Using Lissamine Green B
    Authors:   Rashmi Singh Gaur, Karen M Mancl
    Keywords:   Sand bioreactor, sand biofilter, mixed-media bioreactor, sand-textile bioreactor, turkey processing wastewater
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24009
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  37. A Comparison Between Distribution Devices used to Split On-site Wastewater Effluent Between Percolation Trenches
    Authors:   Laurence William Gill, Titiksh Patel, Niall David O’Luanaigh
    Keywords:   distribution devices, flow rate, installation angle, on-site wastewater treatment systems, septic tank
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24010
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  38. Remote Wastewater Dispersal Fields
    Authors:   R Scott Greene, B Heath Ward, David L Lindbo
    Keywords:   Keywords: Onsite wastewater, decentralized wastewater, regulations, policy
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24011
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  39. Thickness and Hydraulic Properties of Drainfield Trench Biomats formed in Georgia Soils
    Authors:   S D Finch, L T West, D E Radcliffe, E V Hufstetler
    Keywords:   Onsite wastewater management systems, biomat hydraulic properties, biomat thickness, soil hydraulic properties
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24012
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  40. Development of a Standard for Gravelless Trench Products - Results of a Pilot Protocol Series
    Authors:   George Heufelder, Keith Mroczka, Sushama Pradham, Mike Hoover, Tom Stevens
    Keywords:   Gravelless technology, Standards development
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24013
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  41. Evaporation-Transpiration-Infiltration Disposal Trenches
    Authors:   Thomas E Ahart
    Keywords:   EVTI Sewage Disposal, Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24014
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  42. Wastewater Infiltration and Water Movement Around Trenches of Septic Systems
    Authors:   Aziz Amoozegar, Kevin C Martin, Christopher P Niewoehner, David L Lindbo
    Keywords:   Keywords: Spatial Variability, Preferential Flow, Lateral Water Flow
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24015
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  43. Water Quality Profile of an Urbanising Catchment
    Authors:   Ashantha Goonetilleke, Steven P Carroll, Les Dawes, Megan Hargreaves
    Keywords:   Microbial source tracking, Lyngbia majuscula, Onsite wastewater treatment, Water pollution, Water quality,
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24016
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  44. Runoff Treatment with Aspen Wood
    Authors:   Thomas Boving, Joshua Klement, Bethany Thienel, Beverly Johnson
    Keywords:   Metal contaminants, remediation, runoff treatment, wood filter
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24017
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  45. Selection of An Appropriate Winery Process Wastewater Treatment Technology
    Authors:   Glenn Dombeck, P.E., Maher Tleimat
    Keywords:   Winery process wastewater, distillation, evaporation, multiple effect vapor compression distillation (MEVCD), Wiped-Film Rotating Disk (WFRD), brine
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24018
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  46. Engineering of a Soil Treatment Unit as a Unit Operation in an Onsite Wastewater System
    Authors:   Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   Decentralized wastewater systems, soil absorption systems, septic tank drainfields, reuse
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24019
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  47. Effectiveness of Alternative On-Site Wastewater Treatment Technologies in the Catskill/Delaware Watershed
    Authors:   James Milo Hassett, Alvin Chan, Jessica Susan Martin, Thomas De John
    Keywords:   On-site aerobic treatment, peat filter, sand filter, septic systems, mound systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24020
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  48. Distinguishing Wastewater Contamination From On-site Systems In Mixed Land Use Watersheds
    Authors:   Phillip M Geary, Steven A Lucas, Richard H Dunstan, Peter J Coombes
    Keywords:   Contamination, coprostanol, fecal bacteria, fecal sterols, shellfish, wastewater
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24021
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  49. Soil Mineral Precipitate Responsible For Septic System Failure
    Authors:   Brad D Lee, Darrell G Schulze
    Keywords:   Soil absorption field, septic system failure, iron-oxide, manganese-oxides, mineral precipitate
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24022
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  50. Fecal Coliform Distribution Under Pressure Dosed Onsite Wastewater Systems.
    Authors:   R J Miles, Robert Rubin, Larry T West
    Keywords:   Keywords: infiltrative surface, fecal coliforms, septic tank effluent, low pressure pipe distribution; drip dispersal
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24023
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  51. The Occurrence of Humic Substances and Polysaccharides in Soil Treatment Units used for Wastewater Reclamation
    Authors:   James W McKinley, Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   clogging, absorption field, organic matter
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24024
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  52. The Effect of Water Softener Backwash Brine in Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
    Authors:   Mark Gross, Terry Bounds
    Keywords:   Water softener, backwash brine, septic tanks
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24025
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  53. Soil Treatment Unit Performance as Affected by Hydraulic Loading Rate and Applied Effluent Quality
    Authors:   Kathryn S Lowe, Sheila M Van Cuyk, Robert L Siegrist
    Keywords:   Onsite wastewater systems, treatment units, effluent quality, soil clogging
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24026
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  54. Ground Water Mounding Under Large Systems in Areas with Shallow Water Table
    Authors:   Aziz Amoozegar, David L Lindbo, Christopher P Niewoehner
    Keywords:   High Water Table, Hydraulic Gradient, Low-Pressure Pipe Distribution, Lateral Flow
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24027
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  55. Applying Soil Morphology to Long Term Acceptance Rate Determination
    Authors:   David L Lindbo, Joe Lynn, Kevin Neal, Gene Young, Aziz Amoozegar
    Keywords:   Keywords: Soil morphology, soil texture, soil structure, soil mineralogy, landscape, LTAR, septic system, onsite wastewater, soil evaluation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24028
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  56. Distribution of Inorganic Chemicals Under a Small Community On-Site Wastewater Disposal System
    Authors:   J E Surbrugg, A Amoozegar
    Keywords:   Inorganic chemicals, shallow soils, saprolite, leaching or removal
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24029
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  57. Evaluating Existing Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for Site Selection and Septic System Installation
    Authors:   Nancy Deal, David Lindbo, Diana Rashash, Roland Coburn, Melissa Evans-Brunner, Charlie Humphrey
    Keywords:   Onsite wastewater, decentralized wastewater, septic system survey, best management practices (BMPs), seasonal high water table, redoximorphic features
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24030
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  58. Determination of Limits to Biological Loading Rate in Column Experiments with Florida Sandy Soils
    Authors:   Eberhard Roeder, David Bloomquist, Paul W Booher
    Keywords:   Hydraulic loading rates, wastewater, long-term acceptance rate, mass loading rate, clogging, drainfield failure
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24031
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  59. Reduction of Bacteriologic and Chemical Constituents of Septic Tank Effluent with Depth Using a Drip Dispersal System
    Authors:   L D Hepner, D L Linde, C Weber, D Smith
    Keywords:   Fecal Coliform, Fecal Strep, BOD5,NH3-N, NO3-N, Soluble P, lysimeters, septic tank wastewater, soil treatment
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.24032
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