Agricultural Equipment Technology

  1. Design of a High Pressure Relief Valve Comprised of Composite and Plastic Materials
    Authors:   Adam Sederlund, Gary Krutz
    Keywords:   Hydraulics, Relief Valve, Composite, Polymer, Plastic, High Pressure, Hydraulic System
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17969
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  2. MAHA Fluid Power Research Center Purdue University
    Authors:   Dr. Gary Krutz, Dr. John Lumkes, Dr. Monika Ivantysynova
    Keywords:   Research, Fluid Power Research Center
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17970
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  3. Design of Power-Transmitting Hydraulic Hose with Integrated Controller Area Network and Life-Sensing Capability
    Authors:   Ian Radtke, Dr. Gary Krutz, Aaron D. Deckard
    Keywords:   Hydraulics, Hydraulic Power Systems, Hose, Machinery, Electric Power, Sensing, CAN Bus, Signal Transmission, Control, Life-Sensing, Capacitance
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17971
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  4. A Power Steering Valve for a Water Hydraulic Lawn Mower
    Authors:   Maureen E. Beck, Dr. Gary W. Krutz
    Keywords:   Water hydraulic, power steering, valve, plastic, polycarbonate
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17972
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  5. Programmable Valves Enable Both Precision Motion Control and Energy Saving
    Authors:   Song Liu, Dr. Bin Yao, Dr. Gary Krutz
    Keywords:   Precision Motion Control, Energy Saving, Programmable Valves, Regeneration Flow
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17973
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  6. Rotary, No-Leak Valve
    Authors:   Dr. Gary Krutz, Dr. Dan Ess, Doug Rusch, Jason Brown
    Keywords:   No-leak valve, rotary valve, no-leak seal
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.17974
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  7. Loss Evaluation of Soybean Harvesting on Four Types of Headers
    Authors:   Yasumaru Hirai, Mark Schrock, Devanand Maski, Randal Taylor
    Keywords:   Soybean harvesting, Header loss, Rigid header, Flexible header, Row crop header, Milo guards
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.18437
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