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Case Studies and Modules for Data Science Instruction: Introduction


Published in Case Studies and Modules for Data Science Instruction (): 1-1 (doi: ). Copyright American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Abstract. Data skills are increasingly important in most every discipline, but the disciplines represented by ASABE are at a unique intersection of engineering and agricultural sciences, which should enable us to lead many institutions in the realm of data driven agriculture. This set of instructional modules started from a couple of by-invitation sessions at the ASABE Annual International Meeting where we asked members to present and package some of their instructional resources (visuals, data sets, code, etc.). These materials were peer reviewed just as journal articles are reviewed, and are now available to members and member organizations. The resources in this series cover assorted aspects of the data pipeline, such as generation, wrangling, visualization, analysis, and decision making. Proper attribution should be provided, but they are now freely available for you to adopt “as is” or to tailor and refine them as you wish.

See this video: driven agriculture, active learning, problem-centered education, data science, agricultural and biological engineering.

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