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The Virginia Stormwater Runoff Calculator – A Geospatial Web Application

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting  2200846.(doi:10.13031/aim.202200846)
Authors:   John L Coles, Raj Cibin
Keywords:   ArcGIS, GIS, Hydrologic Modeling, Stormwater Runoff, Virginia, Web Application, Web Map

Abstract. Urbanized areas with impervious surfaces tend to generate higher runoff and pollutant loads. All of states in United States require developers and landowners to retain and treat excess stormwater generated due to development onsite using stormwater best management practices (BMP‘s) to offset the negative effects of stormwater runoff. Calculating the amount of stormwater required for treatment requires specialized knowledge and tools, often precluding the lay person from compliance. The current study developed a web-based application “The Virginia Stormwater Runoff Calculator” using GIS to estimate stormwater treatment requirements for a user‘s selected area of interest within the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. Runoff treatment volumes are first calculated using desktop GIS applications. The web application, constructed using ArcGIS API for JavaScript, only requires users to specify their area of interest in Virginia. A landing page, map pages, and results pages guide the user through the process. A video tutorial, help indicators and tool tips provide the user with any specialized knowledge needed to use or understand the application. User testing ensures that the application is free of any technical or usability issues. The goal of the application is to assume the burden of complexity in calculating stormwater runoff on behalf of the user.

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