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Experimental study on the damage regulation of sugarcane stubble based on 4GZQ-180 sugarcane harvester

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting  2200749.(doi:10.13031/aim.202200749)
Authors:   Jun Qian, Shaochun Ma, Weiyi Li, Maofeng Li, Songhao Kang, Peng Huo
Keywords:   Under-the-ground bsaecutting, Sugarcane harvester, Broken rate.

Abstract. Basecutting was an essential procedure in the process of sugarcane harvesting. The interaction between the cutter and the stem would lead to the occurrence of stubble damage, which could generally be divided into slight, moderate and severe broken of stubble. The damage would have different effects on growth of sugarcane. Therefore, to study the relationship between influencing factors and damage degree, the cutting process of the stem was simulated analyzed based on field experiment. The forward speed (FS), the rotational speed (RS) and the cutting depth under-the-ground (CD) was taken the influence factors. The stubble broken rate (BR) was taken evaluation indexes to observe the damage of the stem. The influence law of influencing factors on the indicators were studied by single-factor test. The Box-Behnken test scheme was used to study the best operation parameters of the influence factors. The results of the response test showed that the order of three factors affecting the stubble damage rate were as follows: FS>RS>CD. When the RS was 0.74m/s, the RS was 964.07 rpm, and the CD was 69.1mm, the lowest stubble damage rate was 7.10 %, the slightiy stubble damage rate was 5.04%, the moderately stubble damage rate was 1.54%, and the severe stubble damage rate was 0.64%. The coincidence rate between the validation test value and the predicted value was up to 92%, and the stubble damage rate could meet the requirements.

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