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Design of a Versatile Wireless Multi-Sensor Interface for the Intelligent Environmental and Pest Monitoring System

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting  2200453.(doi:10.13031/aim.202200453)
Authors:   Yi-Tse Wu, Ya-Fang Wu, Sheng-Kuan Chen, Jui-Yung Chung, Ta-Te Lin
Keywords:   Bluetooth, cloud computing, internet of things, monitor system, sensor fusion, wireless sensor network

Abstract. In greenhouse crop cultivation operation, environmental and pest monitoring is crucial for effective management to ensure crop production and quality. We have previously developed an intelligent environmental and pest monitoring system for greenhouse management based on IoT approach. In this research, we focused on expanding the functionalities of the system by designing a versatile wireless multi-sensor interface so that various sensors, such as soil moisture sensor, CO2 sensor, EC sensor, etc., can be connected to the existing Raspberry PI embedded computer of the environmental and pest monitoring system wirelessly, enabling the monitoring system to adapt to the need of integrating various sensors required for different crop cultivation practices in greenhouses. The multiple sensing system has the ability to monitor the crop growing status and the surrounding environment in a greenhouse. The integrated multi-sensor interface is comprised of an Arduino Pro Mini, ATTiny13A microcontroller, HC-08 Bluetooth module, and selected sensors such as soil temperature/moisture/electrical conductivity sensor (Tero12) or soil temperature/moisture sensor (PR-3000-TR-N01). The sensor type is selectable depending on different scenarios. The hardware/software interface reads the sensor data and automatically transmits them to the embedded computer via Bluetooth connection. The embedded computer then collects the data from all the sensors and sends them to an AWS cloud platform via Wi-Fi communication. Therefore, the data are readily available on the AWS cloud platform via AWS QuickSight business intelligence service. Farmers can check the information conveniently, and deal with problems immediately. The designed multi-sensor interface was initially tested in a lab and further tested extensively in real greenhouse crop cultivation operations to confirm the stability and durability of our system. The results show that the multi-sensor interface has stable Bluetooth connection, and can continuously operate for about three months via an independent battery power supply.

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