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AEF’s Impact on Ag Digital World

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting  2200264.(doi:10.13031/aim.202200264)
Authors:   David Smart, Johann Witte, Volker Zippel, Slawi Stesny, Norbert Schlingmann
Keywords:   AEF, Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation, ISOBUS, HSI, High Speed ISOBUS, WIC, Wireless In-field Communication, AgIN, Agricultural Interoperability Network

Abstract. The evolving Ag industry is anxiously awaiting what comes next in the digital world. Back in 2001, the ISO 11783 standard, commonly known as “ISOBUS”, was introduced during Agritechnica. This machine network connects tractors, implements, and after-market devices together, improving farming efficiency. Now, twenty years later, the quest for higher performance requires the new technology, “High Speed ISOBUS” (HSI) which is based on an automotive Ethernet standard, “1000BASE-T1 Type B”. One key to HSI is speed – it‘s 4,000 times faster than ISOBUS. Another is its support for large machines typical in Ag, unlike cars.

The next level of connectivity is machine-to-machine; the focus of “Wireless In-field Communication” (WIC). Here the key use cases include the transfer of prescription and coverage maps, remote camera viewing, and command and control of nearby machines as well as on-road and in-field safety.

The Ag industry produces, and consumes, huge amounts of data throughout the food chain. Today, most manufacturers have their own software and web portals that allow customers to connect to “their” vehicles to manage the data. The AEF Agricultural Interoperability Network (AgIN) serves to address this gap by creating a network of peer-to-peer platform connections. To use this network, each participating company is registered and certified for each service they provide or consume, from AgIN. In this way, AgIN supports the farmer with trusted access to their data using their preferred portal, readily gaining insights of value in today‘s precision farming world.

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