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Body Leveling Control Model Establishment and Experiment Analysis  Open Access

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 38(2): 243-251. (doi: 10.13031/aea.14501) @2022
Authors:   Zhongshan Wang, Wenxing Ma, Tongjian Wang, Chunbao Liu
Keywords:   Control, Hydraulic, Leveling, Pavement, Road


The vehicle body leveling control model based on tire stiffness and wheel centroid displacement is established in this article.

The average pitch angle error is 7.94%, and the tilt angle average error is 4.37%.

The body leveling control algorithm developed based on this model can be applied to the automatic leveling control of hilly tractors and cars.

Abstract. The body leveling control system is the core part of the attitude control of the hilly mountain tractor. It calculates the body posture in real-time according to the body leveling control model and makes corresponding control strategies. The accuracy of the control model directly affects the vehicle leveling accuracy. This article proposes the leveling control model based on tire stiffness and tire mass displacement. The slope road surface excitation information is collected in the field, and the road surface excitation data is processed appropriately. The accurate road surface excitation information is obtained. The input of the simulation model is displacement data. However, the collected road excitation information is the acceleration signal. Thus, the acceleration signal is converted to the displacement signal through the frequency domain integration method. The comparison between the calculated calculation results and the experimentally acquired attitude data indicates that the average pitch angle error is 7.94%, and the average tilt angle error is 4.37%. Accordingly, the vehicle body leveling control model established in this article is compatible with the experimental results and can accurately output the body posture and develop the body tone.

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