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Pair Roll Type Shrimp Classifier Parameter Optimization and Testing

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2021 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting  2101178.(doi:10.13031/aim.202101178)
Authors:   Wang Zehe, Zhang Xiuhua, Yi Jinggang, Kong Degang, Yuan Yongwei, Ma Junyuan

Abstract:The accuracy of shrimp grading directly affects the subsequent peeling quality and economic benefits. In order to solve the problem of low accuracy and efficiency of shrimp grading,study an efficient pair-roll grading method. By analyzing the biological characteristics of shrimp, determine the thickness of shrimp as a grading parameter, divided into five levels, the main key technical parameters related to grading accuracy and grading efficiency are the rotation speed, inclination angle and diameter of the grading roller. Develop a parameter-adjustable shrimp grading test bench, includes five parts: frame, drive motor, grading roller, grading gap adjusting mechanism and grading roller inclination adjusting mechanism. By measuring the signs of shrimp and analyzing the requirements of industry standards, the diameter of each part of the grading roller is selected as 120mm, 121mm, 122mm, 123mm, 124mm, and the gap adjustment range is 8mm-20mm. The results of single factor experiment showed that: With the increase of roller speed within a certain range, the shrimp's downward speed increases significantly. When the inclination angle is too large, the fast sliding speed will lead to the shrimps to roll and accumulate, which will affect the grading accuracy. Therefore, the rotation speed of the classifying roller is 60r/min~80r/min and the inclination angle of the classifying roller is 20°~30°.Through the orthogonal test, the optimal parameters were obtained as rotation speed 70r/min, inclination angle 25°. Under this parameter combination, the grading accuracy is the highest and the grading time is the shortest.

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