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Design and Research on Electric Crawler Rotary Tillage and Ridging Integrated Operation Machine in Shed House

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2021 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting  2101172.(doi:10.13031/aim.202101172)
Authors:   Feng Xiaohui, Yi Jinggang, Wang Hainan, Ma Junyuan, Liu Huayang
Keywords:   Discrete element, Ridge, Rotary tillage, Shed, Simulation.

Abstract. China's sheds and other facilities have developed rapidly, but the annual continuous high-intensity and high-intensive production methods have caused many problems. The use of wide-row mulch double-row planting cultivation methods for shed tomatoes has an obvious yield increase effect. The electric crawler rotary ridge and ridge integrated operation machine in the shed can complete three processes of rotary cultivating, ridge and mulching in one operation. It uses clean energy and has the advantages of no pollution and low noise. According to the characteristics of the working environment of the shed, the parameters of the crawler chassis were calculated and analyzed; the discrete element method was used to simulate and optimize the ridge forming part, and the distance between the ridge forming part and the rotary blade roller axis was determined to be 600 mm. The horizontal position of the plate was 550 mm from the rotary blade roller shaft and 425 mm from the ground in the vertical direction. The calculated rotation speed of the shovel blade was 270 r / min, which met the design requirements.

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