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Simulation and optimization of working parameters of stubble breaking device in two ripening area of yumai in north China

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2021 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting  2101112.(doi:10.13031/aim.202101112)
Authors:   Zhang Xiuhua, Wang Jingzheng, Lao Fuxing, Wang Jian, Yi Jinggang
Keywords:   Agricultural machinery, Discrete element simulation, Field experiment, The corn stubble broke down.

Abstract. In order to solve the problem that the corn stubble and straw on the surface of Yumai double cropping area in North China are easy to destroy the wheat seed bed, this paper designed a kind of L-shaped knife bidirectional spiral arrangement of the root stubble breaking device, which can break the corn root stubble, realize the follow-up tillage operation and obtain the good wheat seed bed conditions. In this paper, the mechanical properties of the root soil complex and the movement parameters of the stubble roller were analyzed, and the factors affecting the stubble rate and tillage resistance of corn root stubble were obtained, such as the rotation speed of stubble cutter, bending Angle and forward speed. In addition, in order to determine the optimal bending Angle of the stubble cutter, the optimal bending Angle of the stubble cutter was determined to be 110° by means of the discrete element simulation analysis method, taking the rotating speed of 670r/min and the forward speed of 1.5m/s as the basis parameters. Then, the change of stubble breaking and tillage resistance under different conditions were obtained by changing the rotational speed and forward speed of the stubble breaking tool, and the changes were optimized by using Desk-Expert V8.0.6.1 software to determine the relative optimal rotational speed and the optimal forward speed of the stubble breaking tool. The results show that the minimum tillage resistance is 761.67N when the cutting speed is 650r/min and the advancing speed is 1.55m/s. Field experiments showed that the stubble breaking device was effective and the stubble breaking rate reached 97.73%.

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