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Performance simulation of seed metering device based on edem

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2021 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting  2100392.(doi:10.13031/aim.202100392)
Authors:   Hongyi Lin, Yong You, Decheng Wang
Keywords:   Seeder, seeder

Abstract. In order to explore the relationship between the metering quality and the rotation speed of the metering wheel of two different hole wheel metering devices, the maximum allowable working speed of the hole wheel metering device was found under the condition of meeting the requirements of agricultural technology; Firstly, the three-dimensional model of two kinds of seed metering device and soybean was established by using the three-dimensional software CATIA. Then, the discrete element software edem was used to simulate and analyze the incremental rotation speed of seed metering wheel, circular shaped hole and long groove type hole metering wheel, so as to obtain the maximum operation speed and optimal operation speed of the two kinds of seed metering devices. The simulation results show that the maximum working speed of the circular hole metering device is 1.8m/s, and the optimal working speed is 2.2m/s-3m/s; The results show that the maximum working speed is 1.8m/s and the optimum working speed is 2m / s-2.4m/s under the condition that the long groove type seed metering device meets the requirements of agricultural technology.

There is a difference in the limit speed between the two metering devices, which is due to the difference in the pore structure. The best structure for soybean metering still needs to be explored.

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