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Row-Crop Field Machinery CAN Bus Data Collection  Public Access

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  pp. 1-9
Authors:   Santosh Kumar Pitla, CheeTown Liew
Keywords:   Machinery, Row-crops, CAN bus, Data, Analytics, Hands-on activities.

Basics of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus systems and CAN bus data collection methods are presented

CAN bus data message decoding and conversion into engineering units is demonstrated

Data files and data analysis methods are made available for classroom use.

Abstract. Controller Area Network (CAN) bus systems are ubiquitous in modern on-road, off-road, and agricultural machinery. Today‘s agricultural machinery utilizes multiple Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for performing various tractor and implement functions. These ECUs communicate with each other by exchanging CAN messages over a two-wire CAN bus system. Having a basic knowledge of CAN bus systems, CAN message structure and decoding, and CAN bus data collection methods are essential for extracting useful operational and performance information of row-crop agricultural machinery. This paper along with the supplemental data files provided can be used as an introductory resource to collect and interpret CAN bus data of agricultural machinery. This resource could be used as part of multiple laboratory exercises or hands-on activities for introducing CAN bus systems to students in both agricultural engineering and technology programs.

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