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Study on the Relationship Model between Drying Time and Moisture Content of Coco-peat

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2019 ASABE Annual International Meeting  1900385.(doi:10.13031/aim.201900385)
Authors:   Bing Lu, Nihong Liu, Wensong Guo, Can Hu, Hubo Xu, Beibei Zhang, Huiling Li, Xiuying Tang
Keywords:   coco-peat, moisture content, drying time, relational model

Abstract. The uniformity of particles and water had a great influence on the results of NIR spectrum detection of coco-peat fertilizer. In order to reduce the influence of particle non-uniformity and moisture on spectral detection results, an integrated device for rapid grinding and drying of coco-peat before NIR spectroscopy detection of coco-peat was designed. The overall structure and working principle of the device were introduced. The change rules between moisture content of coco-peat and drying time were studied. The influence rules of drying power and initial moisture content of coco-peat on drying rate of coco-peat were analyzed by single factor experiment method. The research results showed that there was a good linear correlation between moisture content of coco-peat and drying time. A linear equation model between the moisture content of coco-peat and drying time was established, and the correlation coefficient R of each model was greater than 0.95. There was a positive correlation between drying power and drying rate of coco-peat. The initial moisture content of coco-peat had a significant effect on its drying rate, and the drying rate of coco-peat increased with the increase of the initial moisture content of coco-peat. The research results could provide the shortest drying time for coco-peat with different moisture contents, and it also provided theoretical basis for developing intelligent rapid crushing and drying devices for coco-peat.

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