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Drawbar Pin Dimensions and Requirements for Towing Machine with Clevis

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

ASAE  ANSI/ASABE S625.1   July  2018

Keywords: Drawbar pin, Hitch pin, Pin strength, Towed equipment, Towing hitch

1 Purpose and Scope

This standard establishes dimensional and minimum strength requirements for agricultural drawbar hitch pins used in single point attaching of a towed machine to towing machines or leading machines. Application of this standard assumes a clevis on the towing machine conforming to ANSI/ASABE AD 6489-3:2004 and a ring on the towed machine conforming to ASABE/ISO 21244:2008. Additionally, this standard defines loading conditions for drawbar pin retention systems.

When the towing machine does not conform to ANSI/ASABE AD 6489-3:2004 or the towed machine does not conform to ASABE/ISO 21244:2008, fit and performance of pins designed per this standard may be affected. However, usage of applicable specifications derived from this standard is encouraged for such cases.

Note: ANSI/ASABE AD6489-3:2004 and ASABE/ISO 21244:2008 provide essential information related to tractor drawbars and associated implement hitch rings.

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