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Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2018 ASABE Annual International Meeting  1801801.(doi:10.13031/aim.201801801)
Authors:   Jorge Víctor Prado-Hernández, David Cristóbal-Acevedo, Mauricio Carrillo-García, Yessica A. Gómez-Pérez, Fermín Pascual-Ramírez, Karla Quiroz-Flores, Mariana Sánchez-Roldán
Keywords:   Dimensionless hydrograph, peak flow, runoff estimation, triangular hydrograph, ungauged basin.

The most of the basins in Mexico don‘t have hydrometric information, therefore, the synthetic unit hydrographs (SUH) are essential tools to estimate the direct runoff hydrographs. The SUH used in Mexico were generated in other countries, mainly in United States and its accuracy in the basins of this country is unknown. Consequently, this research looked at the evaluation of the triangular and smoothed SUH of the United States Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and the Snyder‘s SUH, in the microbasins Rio Chapingo and El Malacate, on an experimental information for two years, 23 runoff events in the first microbasin and 20 in the second one. The SCS‘s triangular SUH was the most accurate to estimate the runoff volume, with a relative error (RE) of -0.04% and the root mean square error (RMSE) close to 1.0 m3 in the two microbasins. With the application of the smoothed SUH, the RE was 1.69% in the two microbasins and the RMSE values were 52.08 and 72.16 m3, in El Malacate and Rio Chapingo, respectively. The estimation of the peak flows using the SCS and Snyder‘s SUH, as well as the estimation of the runoff volumes using the Snyder‘s SUH resulted very imprecise. It is concluded that the SCS‘s triangular SUH can be used to estimate the runoff volumes for ungauged basins of Mexico with similar characteristics to the studied basins in this research and it‘s necessary keep researching other methodologies to improve the estimation of the peak flows and the shape of the direct runoff hydrographs.

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