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Equipping Farmers to Test for Severe Cattle Diseases

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Resource Magazine. 23(3): 16-17. @2016
Authors:   Suresh Neethirajan
Keywords:   BioNano Laboratory, Cattle diseases, Metabolic diseases, ,GryphSens, Subclinical ketosis.


When their cows experience a drop in milk pro&-duction, dairy farmers are often hindered in their ability to determine the cause. One reason is subclinical ketosis (SCK), which means that the affected cow appears healthy and only becomes observ&-ably ill when under stress. When SCK becomes full-blown ketosis, major organs can be affected. Other metabolic diseases can also affect milk production and animal health. Until recently, the only reliable method for detecting these abnor&-malities involved drawing vials of the cow‘s blood, sending the samples off to a lab for diagnosis, and then waiting for the results. The BioNano Laboratory at the University of Guelph has improved this process by placing the diagnosis of animal health in the hands of farmers, saving crucial time in detecting diseases, and thereby allowing earlier treatment.

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