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Soil Cone Penetrometer

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

ASAE  ASAE S313.3 (R2013) ED   February  1999

Keywords: Compaction, Penetrometer, Soil

1 Purpose and Scope

1.1 The soil cone penetrometer (Figure 1) is recommended as a measuring device to provide a standard uniform method of characterizing the penetration resistance of soils. The force required to press the 30 circular cone through the soil, expressed in kilopascals, is an index of soil strength called the cone index

1.2 The Standard is intended for the following purposes:

1.2.1 To provide a common method of constructing a device capable of measuring general soil mechanical conditions that facilitates the reporting and interpretation of soil data by different research workers.

1.2.2 To assist those who work with different soils and soil conditions and who need a measure of soil mechanical properties for comparative purposes.

1.2.3 To provide a common system of characterizing soil properties from which it may be possible to develop performance and prediction relationships.

1.3 The Standard serves only as a means of constructing a device to measure soil resistance to penetration, and does not provide specific soil values such as cohesion, angle of friction or coefficient of soil-metal friction. Since the measured results are influenced by the method of use, users should refer to ASAE EP542.

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