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Mobile, Cloud-Based Farm Management: A Case Study with Trello on My Farm

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  131593538,  2013 Kansas City, Missouri, July 21 - July 24, 2013. (doi: @2013
Authors:   Aaron C Ault, James V Krogmeier, Dennis Buckmaster
Keywords:   cloud information management Trello mobile farm management.

Abstract. Record keeping needs tend to grow with the size of a farming operation, but so do the hurdles to maintaining good records. Many farmers recognize a need for record keeping techniques that grow with them. Unfortunately, there have traditionally been significant trade-offs between the work of achieving accurate, useful, and recallable records, and additional management workloads that arise naturally with operational growth. Ideally, the recording of a task or event would take place at the time it occurs. Recalling recorded information is also ideally done in real-time. However, as an operation grows, the interactions between people, places, and situations increase exponentially. Where a single pad of paper in a manager’s pocket might have worked at one time, there are now often several employees simultaneously performing different jobs in different locations with many machines. With the advent of ubiquitous mobile devices and the simplicity of cloud-based storage, some options are beginning to emerge that were formerly not available to farmers. It is now possible, through free cloud-based services such as Trello, to perform record keeping tasks in real time, across many people, and in ways that can easily adapt to changing procedures. This paper presents the various ways in which Trello was used on a Midwestern dairy, grain, and beef farm during Trello’s first year.

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