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Design of a ultrasonic atomization nozzle with compound guass-profile horn for big form factor

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  131595310,  2013 Kansas City, Missouri, July 21 - July 24, 2013. (doi: @2013
Authors:   Daipeng (or initial) Lu, Jianmin (or initial) Gao
Keywords:   Key Words. Ultrasonic atomization; Nozzle; Simulation; Finite element methods

Abstract. Ultrasonic amplifier of different profiles such as exponential, stepped, conical and catenoidal , had been proposed and investigated by many researchers. The displacement amplification of catenoidal horns was greater than that of exponential or conical ones and less than that of stepped horns. The stepped horns had high stress concentration and were prone to break at the abrupt. Because the largest vibration velocity of the amplitude’particle was proportional with the maximum stress of the bar, the vibration velocity which the amplitude’output can achieve was conditioned to stress of the amplitude’material. And considering the stress of gaussian compound deformation of rod was uniform along axial distribution, there was no great value. So a great vibration velocity of the output end would be got along with the improvement of the amplitude’ shape factor.Therefore, in order to get large displacement amplification and low stress concentration, a novel ultrasonic atomizer with compound guass-profile horn was designed. The ultrasonic atomization nozzle is a one-wavelength design based on the longitudinal vibration mode with a compound guass-profile horn to focus the energy. The nature frequency of ultrasonic atomization nozzle was 61156Hz. Finite element analysis was applied for theoretical analysis.

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