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The Effect of Audible Sound on the Germination and Growth of Mung Bean

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2012 Dallas, Texas, July 29 - August 1, 2012  121341205.(doi:10.13031/2013.42121)
Authors:   Weiming Cai, Huinong He, Peifeng Liu, Songming Zhu
Keywords:   Audible sound, mung bean, plant growth, plant frequency, sound effect

Audible sound (20-20000Hz) widely exists in natural world. However, the interaction between audible sound and the growth of plants is usually neglected in biosystems engineering research. Not much effort has been put forth in studying the relation of plant and audible sound. In this work, the effect of audible sound on germination and growth of mung bean (Vigna radiata) was investigated under laboratory condition. Audible sound ranging 1000-1500Hz, 1500-2000Hz, 2000-2500Hz and intensities [80dB (A), 90dB (A), 100dB (A)] were used to stimulate mung bean for 72 hours. The growth of mung bean was evaluated in terms of mean germination time, total length, and total fresh weight. Experimental results indicated that the sound wave can reduce the germination period of mung bean and the mung bean under treatments of sound with intensity around 90dB and frequency around 2000Hz significant increase in growth. Audible sound treatment can promote the growth of mung bean differently for distinct frequency and intensity. It is a preliminary investigation, and more experimental studies need to be done in order to understand the effects of sound on plant growth and to develop models for application.

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