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Experimental study on a partial cooling system using underground water for open dairy bull barns

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2012 IX International Livestock Environment Symposium (ILES IX)  ILES12-0767.(doi:10.13031/2013.41647)
Authors:   Liansun Wu, Zhengxiang Shi, Chaoyuang Wang, Xiaoyan Yuan, Jifeng Zhong
Keywords:   Heat stress; bull barn; dairy bull; partial cooling system

In China, barns with outside exercising yards are the common facilities to house dairy bulls, and the heat stress in summer greatly decreases the quantity and quality of bull semen. Most of the current cooling systems of the barns could not effectively alleviate the heat stress. In this paper, a partial cooling system consisting of a fan, a heat exchanger and a wind cover was developed by using underground water to cool down the air temperature of partial bull barns. The effects of the cooling units on the thermal environment, and the lying behavior of the animals were experimentally studied. The results showed the temperature of the standing and lying area of the bulls inside the barns could be controlled within 29.1C ~30.1C and 30.1C~30.7C respectively when the system was running with the entering water temperature of 15.5C and the fan power of 75w at the ambient temperature of 32~36C. Relative humidity of the barns did not significantly change, and THI was reduced by 4.1~6.3. Bulls preferred to lie down on the cooling area. The result presents this system can effectively alleviate the heat stress of bulls and has the potential to become an alternative for cooling the animal housing in summer.

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