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Map-Based Control Functions for Autonomous Tractors

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  011191,  2001 ASAE Annual Meeting. (doi: 10.13031/2013.4122) @2001
Authors:   Shufeng Han, Qin Zhang
Keywords:   Tractor, Autonomous Vehicle, Automatic Guidance, Map-Based Control

An autonomous tractor requires not only automatic steering (automatic guidance) but also automated control of tractor functions and implement operations. Examples of tractor functions include engine throttle, transmission speed, and 3-point hitch position. Implement operations include tillage, planting, and cultivating. This paper provides an overview of a map-based methodology used for the implementation of autonomous field operations of agricultural tractors. The procedure for developing autonomous field operation maps was presented, and several important issues in the implementation of map-based autonomous operations were discussed. These issues included combining field operation maps, position offset, and real-time sensing and update of field operation maps. Finally, solutions to these issues were also covered in the paper.

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