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Simulation of Vibration Harvesting Mechanism for Wolfberry

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2011 Louisville, Kentucky, August 7-10, 2011  1111009.(doi:10.13031/2013.37391)
Authors:   Xiuying Tang, Jingrui Ren, Chuan Liu, Dan Xiao
Keywords:   Vibration harvesting, Wolfberry, Simulation, FEM, Modal analysis, Dynamic analysis

The vibrating harvesting is the most effective approach for harvesting wolfberry which is a sort of important medical and economic plant. This paper described the vibration characteristics of wolfberry tree by using the finite element analysis (FEA) technique. The three dimension (3-D) solid model and finite element model (FEM) of wolfberry tree were built by Pro/E modeling software and ANSYS FEA software respectively. The modal analysis and harmonic response analysis of wolfberry tree were carried out. The modal analysis results of wolfberry tree showed that first ten order natural frequencies of wolfberry tree varied from 4.3786 Hz (the first order frequency) to 15.613Hz (the tenth order frequency), and the maximum vibration amplitude appeared in the branch with maximum length and maximum curvature. The harmonic response analysis results showed that the vibrating harvesting effect of wolfberry fruit when the vibration force was applied to the side branch is obviously more superior than to the truck, and the destructive effort of tree is also less. The vibration force applied to the side branch was 33N which could ensure the majority of wolfberry fruit to detach from the tree. This paper provides a basis for development of vibration harvester that can be used by the commercial wolfberry processing industry.

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