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Roof Insulation and Its Effect on Broiler Chicken Mortality in Hot Weather

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Transactions of the ASAE. 19 (4): 0733-0735. (doi: 10.13031/2013.36106) @1976
Authors:   F. N. Reece, J. W. Deaton, F. W. Harwood

ABSTRACT TESTS were conducted in environ-1 mental chambers, and in insu-lated sections of a poultry house, to determine the effects on broiler chicken mortality, in hot weather, of insulation in the roof. In chamber tests, simulated roof radiation with environmental conditions of 105 F dry bulb (DB) with 39 percent relative humidity (RH) caused a mortality rate of 40 percent for 8-week-old male broiler chickens; without simulated roof radiation, mortality was 22 percent. In a conventional, fan-ventilated poultry house, it was found that insulation in the roof reduced maxi-mum DB temperature during summer 6 to 7 F compared to the house with uninsulated roof.

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