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New Software for the Optimal Design of Drainage Network in Steadystate Sub-Irrigation Case Study: Greoni-Ticvanu Mare Drainage Arrangement

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  9th International Drainage Symposium held jointly with CIGR and CSBE/SCGAB Proceedings, 13-16 June 2010  IDS-CSBE-101429.(doi:10.13031/2013.32181)
Authors:   Teodor Eugen Man, Marinela Bodog, Laura Constantinescu, Rares Halbac-Cotoara-Zamfir
Keywords:   Drenvsubir, Moisture Excess, Drainage Arrangement, Drain Pipes, Filter Material, Subirrigation

This paper presents the results of research conducted in Romania, at Politehnica University of Timisoara, Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering, Hydrotechnical Construction and Land Improvement Department, in drainage area after the VIII Drainage Congress from Sacramento, California, were we presented in a synthesized way the methodology and the results of drainage studies performed in Romania, on the main soils with humidity excess from the west side of this country (Timis, Arad, Bihor, Maramures and Satu Mare County). For an optimum and efficient technical-economic design of agricultural drainage (horizontal) networks, the calculations, that were presented in Sacramento, California, were laborious, this lead to the realization of a software that allows the calculation of the distance between drains in steady-state regime and the verification of this operation in sub-irrigation. DrenVSubIR application is developed in Borland Delphi Pascal v7.0 programming system and was created for calculating sizes specific to drainage systems such as: determination of the distance between drains with the verification of operations in sub-irrigation. This paper presents block diagrams of three modules: Drainage - Ernst Equation - David module (for the calculus of resistance coefficient at water entry in drain tube, with and without filter); Verifying Sub-Irrigation David Equation module (for the drainage verifying operation calculus in sub-irrigation) and Drainage: Technical-Economic Calculation module (for the specific investment calculus and for establishing the optimum technical-economic solution of drainage). As a case study, we are presenting the results Caras Severin County taking in consideration three types of soils with humidity excess situated in Caras Drainage Arrangement Area, left bank, Greoni Ticvanu Mare zone. (Ticvanu Mare, Fishery, Meadow).

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