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Chemical Characteristics and Its Irrigation Effect of Drainage Water in Ditches, Yinbei Irrigation Districts, Ningxia

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  9th International Drainage Symposium held jointly with CIGR and CSBE/SCGAB Proceedings, 13-16 June 2010  IDS-CSBE-100080.(doi:10.13031/2013.32113)
Authors:   Shaoli Wang, Xu Di, Yang Jianguo, Fang Shuxing
Keywords:   Drainage reuse for irrigation; Mineralization; Saline-alkaline; Chemical characteristics

Taking five drainage reuse sites in Yinbei irrigation districts, Ningxia for example, this paper analyzed the chemical characteristics of drainage water in ditches, saline-alkaline hazard and its impact of drainage reuse on soil. The result showed that the hydro-chemical type of drainage water is CNa at Nuanquan farm and ClNa at other four pilots. Every alkaline index in the drainage water was obviously smaller during the middle-late irrigation than those during the early irrigation. Except Qianjin Farm, the saline-alkaline hazard of drainage reuse for irrigation was relatively slight. The dominant soluble salt in the soil was the Chloride-sulfate bearing sodium and calcium. The soil texture had an obvious impact on soil saline-alkaline after irrigation. Salt was not easy to accumulate the lightly textured soils, such as sandy loam. In the area where the rice was planted for a long term, the groundwater level was higher and the better choice was to adopt the paddy-upland rotation system in order to maintain the effect of soil improvement. Adopting rotation systems with anti-saline crops, soil flushing with fresh water, paddy-upland rotation and so on would play an important role in controlling soil water-salt and improving the soil. The effects of drainage reuse for irrigation were good.

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