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Determining Cutting Width and Designated Mass of Disk Harrows

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

ASAE  ASAE S290.2   December  2004

Keywords: Disk, Harrows, Tillage

1 Purpose and scope

1.1 The purpose of Section 2 of this Standard is to establish a uniform method for calculating the cutting width of disk harrows, to be used for purposes such as advertising brochures and operator manual specifications. This standard determines the cutting width for the following types of disk harrows:

1.1.1 Single disk harrows

1.1.2 Tandem disk harrows

1.1.3 Double offset disk harrows

1.1.4 Offset disk harrows

1.2 The purpose of Section 3 of this Standard is to establish a standard method for designating the mass of disk harrows.

1.3 The definitions for the types of disk harrows are provided in ASAE S414.1, Terminology and Definitions for Agricultural Tillage. The cutting width formulas in Section 2 may not apply directly if the disk configuration is different than one of the disk types listed in Section 1.1.

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