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Control of microwave drying process through aroma monitoring

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2008 Providence, Rhode Island, June 29 – July 2, 2008  083747.(doi:10.13031/2013.24618)
Authors:   Zhenfeng Li, Vijaya G. S Raghavan, Ning Wang
Keywords:   Carrot, aroma, microwave, drying, fuzzy control

Carrot cubes were dried in a microwave oven and the aroma was monitored and controlled. An electronic nose was used to detect carrot aroma. Drying temperatures were first set to 50C, 60C, 70C, and 80C. Six typical peaks were recorded every 4 minutes for all the three replicates. Color, aroma and sensory evaluation were performed after drying. An untrained taste panel was included in the sensory evaluation. Samples could be dried in a short time at high temperatures but the interior of some cubes was burnt. Drying time at low temperatures was much longer and much more aroma was lost. For fixed temperatures the best results were achieved at 60C. A fuzzy logic control system was then designed and employed to control the whole drying process, using carrot aroma peaks as variables. Based on a fuzzy logic control profile, a simple linear control method was developed. It was shown that the carrot color and aroma were intact with these new control strategies and less time and power were consumed.

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