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Precision Man-made Fruiter Modeling and Application

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  2007 ASAE Annual Meeting  073015.(doi:10.13031/2013.23398)
Authors:   WU Wei-bin, HONG Tian-sheng, LUN Zhao-qiang, ZHANG Wen-zhao, LI Zhen, (or initial) (or initial)
Keywords:   LAI; virtual fruiter; man-made fruiter; guava fruiter

Man-made fruiters provides a fixed and standard object in the ground-based leaf area index(LAI) and biomass measurement for avoiding time and space effect on the real fruiter in the real environment. Firstly, the coordinates of the real guava's leaves and branches were gained by 3D digitalizer named Fastrak. Secondly, a man-made guava was made with a kind of special simulating techniques which has been applied for Chinese patent. By means of digital pictures, coordinates of leaves and braches and virtual guava, the man-made tree has been adjusted many times over 3 months to reach the simulating effect. Finishing the work, the man-made tree was compared and analyzed with the real one in parts such as coordinates, height, area, shadow area and so forth. As a result of analysis by SPSS, for the man-made guava the R square between tree height and accumulative leaf area is 0.9892, and the R square between shadow area and accumulative leaf area is 0.9973. Additionally, for error analysis between the real one and the man-made one, the profile is basically the same by comparing digital pictures in different visions and the profile size error is less than 3%; the coordinates of leaves obey the normal school after analyzing 3014 leaf points and 9042 coordinate points; the accumulative leaf area error is less than 5% and shadow area error is less than 20% from 0 to 65 cm of the tree height.

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