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Remodeling a Tie/Stanchion Stall Barn for an Interim Milking Parlor

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Sixth International Dairy Housing Conference Proceeding, 16-18 June 2007, (Minneapolis, Minnesota) (Electronic Only)  701P0507e.(doi:10.13031/2013.22805)
Authors:   David W Kammel, Vance J Haugen
Keywords:   Keywords: Parlor, Dairy, Milking, Remodel

Dairy farms that are in the transition of increasing herd size and adapting new technology are challenged with the increased capital investment of new barns and milking center for the new dairy system. Remodeling a tie stall or stanchion stall barn into a milking center is a key part of the transition from a relatively labor intensive stall barn system to a more labor efficient milking parlor and cow housing system. One major reason for remodeling an existing barn rather than build a new parlor is to continue to use some of the existing infrastructure rather than replace it at a new site. Sweat equity can also keep costs under control. From a design and construction perspective, the milking center is one of the more complex facilities on the farm. The construction requires coordination of multiple contractors. The project also needs to have a time line that is realistic and definite. Communication and coordination between the owner and contractors can eliminate mistakes, reduce delays and keep the project on schedule. The construction process for remodeling the tie/stanchion stall barn space into a milking center is discussed. Structural changes, concrete demolition and forming, milking stall, and milking system installation options are also discussed.

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