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Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:   No Citation available.
Authors:   A C Tripathy, S Panigrahi, V Meda, S Subramanian

Heat distribution in a microwave oven is always a problem due to hot and cold spots, excessive heating at product edges and corners. When we are baking bread in a microwave,the bread will appear crispy and brown. If crispiness and browning is desired, combination mode is can be used to overcome the problem. The combination mode composed of three modes, microwave, halogen lamp and airflow. We are investigetting to combine them or use them individually. The Combination Microwave has been developed to control heat and mass transfer by using forced airflow. However there is loss of weight. The exterior layer of the product will have brownness problem. As the halogen lamp heating gives surface heating and microwave cook the bread faster, we can combine them to geta better result varied softness and hardness. Therefore if we could control the heat distribution inside the microwave by deploying the temperature sensors,to decrese weight loss and by using halogen lamp in combination can increse the brownness of bread.

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