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7 Communication Issues and Internet Use

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Auernhammer, Hermann, and Hermann Speckman. 2006. Section 7.1 Dedicated Communication Systems and Standards for Agricultural Applications, pp. 435-452 of Chapter 7 Communication Issues and Internet Use, in CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering Volume VI Information Technology. Edited by CIGR--The International Commission of Agricultural Engineering; Volume Editor, Axel Munack. St. Joseph, Michigan, USA: ASABE.  .(doi:10.13031/2013.21693)
Authors:   H. Auernhammer and H. Speckmann
Keywords:   Electronic communication, Point-to-point connection, LBS, DIN 9684, CAN, ISOBUS, ISO 11783, SAE J1939, Diagnostics, Documentation, Traceability, XML.

Modern agricultural technology is controlled by electronics. Therefore, machines and implements represent intelligent process units with the ability to communicate internally, with other units, and with the management. A comprehensive and trouble-free usage of these new communication options is only possible when worldwide accepted communication standards are developed and used.

The beginning of standardized communication can be found in the point-to-point connection standards between tractor and implement, DIN 9684/1 and ISO 11786. They define how tractor sensor signals have to be provided for implement control in order to save additional sensors.   The possibilities of the Agricultural Bus System (LBS) conforming to DIN 9684/2-5 are much broader. Based on CAN technology, a maximum of 16 electronic controlled units (ECU) are able to set up a communication network by using prioritized, objectoriented messages. Finished in 1997, this standard forms the basis for ISO 11783, an international standard with 29-bit addressing and structured in the style of ISO Reference Model for OSI. The integration of ISO 11783 into SAE J1939 ensures compatibility with truck and bus manufacturers. Furthermore, the standard offers implements direct access possibilities to the tractor management as well as standardized diagnostics.

Intelligent machinery is able to acquire versatile information at a high spatial and temporal resolution. Assuming minimal additional efforts for integration into farm management, this technology provides an important contribution for documentation and traceability. As an interface, the XML standard seems most suitable and integrates agriculture into Microsoft and UNIX worlds.

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