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5.4 Machine Vision in the Agricultural Context

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Marchant, John A. 2006. Section 5.4 Machine Vision in the Agricultural Context, pp. 259-272 of Chapter 5 Precision Agriculture, in CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering Volume VI Information Technology. Edited by CIGR--The International Commission of Agricultural Engineering; Volume Editor, Axel Munack. St. Joseph, Michigan, USA: ASABE.  .(doi:10.13031/2013.21679)
Authors:   J. A. Marchant
Keywords:   Machine vision, Image analysis, Pattern recognition, Computer vision, Sensing, Agriculture, IT

This section is merely an introduction to machine vision, an exciting technology that has only recently become feasible in the context of agricultural engineering. Some textbooks, which the author has found particularly useful, are cited to help the interested reader. The section concentrates on a small number of topics that the author considers to be particularly relevant for the type of scenes found in agriculture, i.e. those of natural, biological objects, sometimes found in uncontrollable outdoor lighting situations. Some research papers have been cited to illustrate particular pointsleaving work out of the list does not imply any adverse criticism. Also, the author has tried to include generic work from outside the field of agriculture where this is relevant. This is partly to spread the message that agricultural engineers must look outside their particular applications to reap the full benefit of machine vision (and other) research.

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