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Gas-Flow Fluctuation Velocity in Portable Pesticide Fogger’s Exhaust Tube with Helmholtz Pulse-jet Engine

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  051010,  2005 ASAE Annual Meeting . (doi: 10.13031/2013.18821) @2005
Authors:   Linyun Xu, Hongping Zhou, Youlin Xu, Yemin Cui
Keywords:   Fluctuation velocity, Pulse-jet engine, pressure

A portable pulse fogger, in which the fog can be produced by injecting pesticide into the Pulse-jet engines exhaust tube full of high temperature and high speed exhaust gas, can be applied in disease and insect control in forestry, greenhouse and sanitation with the advantages of high efficiency and low environmental pollution.

A measuring system for the gas-flow fluctuation velocity was set up to obtain the pressure signals at different axial positions of exhaust tube. On the principle of correlation between pressure signals from one signal source, the correlation analysis of two pressure signals at various positions of exhaust tube had been carried out. The autocorrelation function chart showed that the pressure signals in the exhaust tube were characterized as the sinusoidal or the cosinoidal waves with a little of random signals. The average gas-flow fluctuation velocity could be derived from mutual correlation analysis of two signals at two positions. The average maximal gas flow velocity obtained by this measuring system was 5883m/s, which was 8.72 times as fast as local sonic velocity 669 m/s.

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