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Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Watershed Management to Meet Water Quality Standards and Emerging TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) Proceedings of the Third Conference 5-9 March 2005 (Atlanta, Georgia USA) Publication Date 5 March 2005  701P0105.(doi:10.13031/2013.18118)
Authors:   H.E.Osman, H.S. Mehawed, A.A. Abdel-Aziz
Keywords:   Mango trees, gated pipes, standard bubbler, low-head bubbler, traditional irrigation and weed control

Egypt is mainly an agricultural country in which agricultural of irrigation technologies plays an important role in supporting national economy. Irrigation water consumes about 80% of the countrys water budget for cultivating approximately 8 million feddans with an annual crop area about 15 million feddans. About 6 million feddans are old land irrigated by surface irrigation methods with low on- farm water application efficiency (40-60%). The field experiment was carried out in mango farm at Azbat Maher, Bilbies district, El-Sharkya governorate for five years to study the response of old Mango trees to the modified irrigation systems (gated pipes, standard bubbler and low-head bubbler) comparing with traditional surface irrigation system, to determine the actual water requirements, weed density and weed land cover in order to maximize crop yield, quality of yield and over come environment problems. The results indicated that modified irrigation systems required less initial investment, easily managed and suited the skills need for old mango farm. On other hand, the cover weed density was decreased when compared with traditional irrigation method by 55.3%, 78.7%, and 61.7 % under gated pipes, standard bubbler and low head bubbler systems respectively. Also, the highest value of DUmin was 88% using low-head bubbler irrigation system, while the lowest value of DUmin was 30% under traditional irrigation method. On the other hand, the highest value of DUlq was 95% using standard bubbler irrigation system, while the lowest value of DUlq was 35% under traditional irrigation method. The average yield of mango increased by 74.88% while, the increase in the yield was 59.68% and 44.47% when using both low head bubbler and standard bubbler irrigation systems respectively. The highest economic efficiency for capital investment by using improved irrigation with gated pipes was 108.3 %, while the lowest value was 15.5% when using the traditional irrigation method.

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