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Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  701P0904,  . (doi: 10.13031/2013.17427)
Authors:   Volodymyr Dumenko

This research is dedicated to examination of streamflow formation factors which influence on formation and modification of streamflow processes types of Ukrainian lowland rivers. It is conducted a search of streamflow formation factors which cause the forming of several various types of streamflow processes under various conditions of their display. Such factors help to find reasons of existence of some types of streamflow processes and their mutual transformation under change of ratio of balance between component parts of streamflow formation factors. Exploitable principles of system approach demand independent reveal of streamflow formation activity of factors on various system levels. It is considered relative transport ability (ratio between transport ability and drifts entry) as one of the streamflow formation factors. It is proved the necessity of relative transport ability calculation not only on system levels river reservoir and water - soil but also on system level stream river-bed as one of the reasons of formation meandering and branchy by type of river-bed multi-branch streamflows. Relative transport ability influence is expressing as in both river longitudinal profile (river reservoir) and local erosion and inwash sections (water - soil) as on system level stream river-bed. In the research it was established multifactor model of streamflow processes which leads to joint analysis of independent streamflow formation factors. In the research it is presented bi-factorial tables which are projections of multidimensional space of determining factors of streamflow processes types to determinative streamflow forming axis of relative transporting ability and axes of other streamflow forming factors. Actuality of study the reasons of streamflow processes types change is explained that regularities of streamflow changes within the bounds of certain types of streamflow processes are well-known enough and are used for streamflow deformation forecast. However reasons and regularities of types changes under change of ratio between streamflow formation factors are studied insufficiently. The main purpose of this research is substantiation of selection of relative transporting ability as a factor that determinates formation and change of streamflow processes types on the system level stream river-bed in following consistency: meandering straight streamflow multi-branch streamflow. It is examined joint influence of this streamflow formation factor and other factors on type changes and it is also offered bi-factorial table of streamflow processes types.

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