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Environmental Temperatures In A Tunnel Ventilated Barn And In An Air Conditioned Barn In Florida

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Pp. 235-242 in Fifth International Dairy Housing Proceedings of the 29-31 January 2003 Conference (Fort Worth, Texas USA)  701P0203.(doi:10.13031/2013.11627)
Authors:   D. R. Bray, R. A. Bucklin, L. Carlos and V. Cavalho
Keywords:   Air condition, Tunnel ventilation, Heat stress

In the first study, environmental conditions in an air-conditioned barn were compared to those in an adjacent feed barn with a sprinkler cooling system. THI in the air-conditioned barn was always below 72. THI in the fan and sprinkler barn was never below 75 during daylight hours.

In the second study, a free stall barn with large fans in the end wall of the barn, curtains on the side of the barn and an insulated roof was monitored. Sprinklers over the feed alley were used to wet the cows. Airflow from the large fans evaporated the water from the cows, just as in the usual fan and sprinkler system that uses many smaller fans spaced down the feed lane. This design was compared to an open free stall barn with sprinklers over the feed space but using large blade (7 m) ceiling fans. THI’s below 75 were never observed in either the tunnel ventilated barns, or the barn with large ceiling fans.

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