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Sludge Accumulation Rate in Alabama Swine Lagoons Less Than 5 Years Old

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Paper number  024132,  2002 ASAE Annual Meeting . (doi: 10.13031/2013.10501) @2002
Authors:   Ted W. Tyson, Larry McCray, William E. Prince, Byron Wilson
Keywords:   Lagoons, Anaerobic, Swine, Sludge

Four single stage anaerobic lagoons representing swine farms typical of state-of-the-art integrator-supported installations in Alabama were investigated to determine sludge accumulation. The one nursery and three finish lagoons had been in operation less than five years. The Natural Resources Conservation Service-approved management plan called for complete agitation and fifty-percent pumpout at three years, with an option to measure actual sludge accumulation and postpone the agitation and pumpout procedure until year five if sludge was less than expected. Sludge depth was determined in fifty locations in each lagoon using a sludge tube and sludge gun. Resulting sludge volume determinations were 33% to 53% of design expected. Sludge accumulated at an approximate rate of .003 m3/kg LAW-yr in the finish lagoons and .0045 m3/kg LAW-yr in the nursery lagoon. This is approximately 25% of the value predicted by ASAE Engineering Practice EP 403.3 and ASAE DATA D384.1. and compares favorably with other recent studies. Specifically, this study recommends the EP403.3 Table 1 swine SAR value of .00303 m3/kg TS added (.0486 ft3/lb TS), be replaced by a value nearer .0013 m3/kg TS (.022 ft3/lb TS) as reported in this paper. ASAE D384.1 should incorporate the latest "asexcreted" waste characterization values based on animal growth/production stage similar to AWMFH, Tables of waste characterization.

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