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AGRO NAV. Plan – Software for planning and evaluation of the path and work of field robots

Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:  Pp. 405-411 in Automation Technology for Off-Road Equipment, Proceedings of the July 26-27, 2002 Conference (Chicago, Illinois, USA)  701P0502.(doi:10.13031/2013.10030)
Authors:   Hans Glasmacher
Keywords:   Automatic steering, Autonomous working, Agriculture, Collision control, Computer software, Electronics, Erosion control, Field Surveying, GIS, GPS, guidance, Implement steering, Implement control, Monitoring, Navigation, Kalman filter, Off-road vehicles, Parallel Swathing, Planning, Precision farming, Radar, Robots, Route planning, RTKGPS, Site specific, Three dimensional, Topography, Tracking, Tractors, tramlining, Weed control, Working pattern

There are several reasons for a detailed planning of the driving route and the implement tasks for partially or totally autonomous field robots, especially when high accuracy or complex jobs are demanded, or new robot-like tractors (e.g. without a driver seat or steering wheel) will be developed. But also the reduction of necessary machine working time in the field by an optimal preparation in the office is a goal, especially when repeatedly used for time critical work.

The planning software AGRO NAV Plan starts with surveyed field boundaries and obstacle polygons. After selection of a vehicle and implements the user continues with the definition of treatment zones, working direction, driving strategy, turn lands, velocities, and so on. Manual or semi-automatic path and implement control generation are possible. During the planning process collision control and implement compatibility tests are executed.

All data are stored in a database with functions to export Jobs to PC-Card, import completed work data from a PC-Card, as well as data exchange functions to other manufacturers software.

The flexibility of the software allows even jobs with very special challenges to be planned and completed by machines equipped with the AGRO NAV system for autonomous vehicle and implement steering. Examples are presented.

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