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Published by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan

Citation:   No Citation available.
Authors:   Yuanhui Zhang, Ernest M. Barber
Keywords:   building commissioning, thermal performance, infiltration, livestock building

This paper discusses the needs for, and the challenges of commissioning livestock buildings. Building commissioning is a process to ensure quality construction and smooth transfer of a building to the building owner. Data collected from a newly built swine building revealed that commissioning of livestock buildings is needed and procedures could be different than for other types of buildings. Standards and guidelines for design, construction, and management of livestock buildings need to be established. These needs are more apparent as the livestock industry becomes more integrated and building size becomes larger. Aspects of building performance, for which commissioning appears necessary include infiltration or exfiltration, air distribution, maximum heating or cooling capability, temperature and relative humidity responses, and controllability of the ventilation system. Commissioning livestock buildings presents both technical and economical challenges because the process must be technically feasible and economically justified. (Download PDF)    (Export to EndNotes)