American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

World Congress of Computers in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Proceedings of the 2002 Conference

  1. Applying Neural Networks to Automated Visual Fruit Sorting
    Authors:   A. S. Simões, A.H. Reali Costa, A. R. Hirakawa and A. M. Saraiva
    Keywords:   machine vision, neural networks, agriculture automation, color inspection
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8303
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  2. Early Growth Stage Corn Plant Population Measurement Using Neural Network Approach
    Authors:   D.S. Shrestha and B.L. Steward
    Keywords:   Plant population, machine vision, neural network, segmentation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8305
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  3. The Study on a Neural Network Model of Tea Quality Evaluation Based on Chemical Compositions
    Authors:   Hongchun Yuan and Fanlun Xiong
    Keywords:   Function Link Network, Tea quality evaluation, multiple-linear regression
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8306
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  4. ARTMAP Neural Network Classification of Land Use Change
    Authors:   B.M. Shock, G.A. Carpenter, S. Gopal, and C.E. Woodcock
    Keywords:   ARTMAP, Neural network, Landsat TM, Land use change
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8307
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  5. A Novel Intelligent System to Nitrogen Content Prediction in Plants Using Indirect Chlorophyll Measurements
    Authors:   José Alfredo C. Ulson, Roberto L. V. Boas, Leandro J. G. Godoy, André Nunes de Souza
    Keywords:   Intelligent Systems, Neural Nets, SPAD Index
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8308
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  6. Mathematical Morphology Applied to Soil Pore and Aggregate Characterization
    Authors:   L. A. C. Jorge, A. Macedo, M. F. Guimarães, M.D.C. Martins
    Keywords:   Soil, mathematical morphology, aggregate, porosity, granulometry
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8309
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  7. Machine Vision Based Quality Assessment Of Fruits And Vegetables
    Authors:   J. Felföldi and A. Szepes
    Keywords:   Image processing, Fruit color, Vegetable color, Surface defects
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8310
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  8. Durum Wheat Quality Evaluation Software
    Authors:   L. Bacci, B. Rapi, Colucci and P. Novaro
    Keywords:   Computer vision, software development, durum wheat, seed quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8311
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  9. Image Processing in Automated Pattern Classification of Oranges
    Authors:   P. E. Cruvinel and E. R. Minatel
    Keywords:   Machine Vision, Agricultural Instrumentation, Orange Measurement
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8312
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  10. An Evaluation Technique of Yellow-Berry in Durum Wheat Seeds
    Authors:   L. Bacci, B. Rapi and F. Colucci
    Keywords:   machine vision, systems/modelling, food quality; durum wheat
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8313
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  11. Evaluation of Tree Vigor by Digital Camera Based on Fruit Color and Leaf Shape
    Authors:   A. Hashimoto, H. Kondou, Y. Motonaga, H. Kitamura, K. Nakanishi, T. Kameoka
    Keywords:   Tree vigor, Color transformation, Fruit color evaluation, Leaf shape analysis
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8314
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  12. On-Line Automated Inspection of Poultry Carcasses by Machine Vision
    Authors:   Y.R. Chen, K. Chao, W.R. Hruschka
    Keywords:   Mulitspectral, Dual-Camera, Slaughterhouse, Carcasses, High-speed-processing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8315
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  13. Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Images of Mango and Papaya
    Authors:   R. Minghim, L. G. Nonato, J. E. S. Batista, C. I. Biscegli, R. W. A. Franco, and L. A. C. Jorge
    Keywords:   Reconstruction, Segmentation, Visualization, Fruit Analysis, MRI
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8316
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  14. Phytomonitoring Applications in Irrigation Management
    Authors:   Luis A. Gurovich and Eduardo Gratacos
    Keywords:   Phytomonitoring, Dendrology, Citrus, Kiwi, Avocado
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8426
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  15. Color Machine Vision System: An Alternative for Color Measurement
    Authors:   D.A. Luzuriaga, M. O. Balaban
    Keywords:   Machine vision, color measurement, RGB, L* a* b*
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8317
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  16. Potential Use of Time-Lapse Images: Determination of Circumnutational Movement to Assess Plant Vigor
    Authors:   K. Iwabuchi and M.Hirafuji
    Keywords:   Circumnutation, growth, oscillation, tomato
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8318
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  17. Instrumental Colour and Size Grading of Pulse Grains
    Authors:   M. A. Shahin and S. J. Symons
    Keywords:   Machine vision, Bioimaging, Grain, Inspection, Grading, Colour, Size
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8319
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  18. Sharing Video Images on the Internet Using Java: An Application to Controlled Environment
    Authors:   A. A. Lopes, S. M. Paz, C. E. Cugnasca and A. M. Saraiva
    Keywords:   controlled environments, Internet, Java, video
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8320
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  19. Computer Vision System for Measuring Air-Pruned Root Growth in Tray Cells
    Authors:   M. Uchigasaki, S. Tojo, S. Miyamoto, K. Serata, K. Watanabe, T. Aoyama and B. K. Huang
    Keywords:   Vision system, Image database, Root growth analysis, Root density and distribution, Air-pruning tray/pot/container, Computer simulation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8321
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  20. Validation of a Computerized Date Sugar Content Estimation
    Authors:   Moustafa A. Fadel
    Keywords:   Sugar content, date color, sugar estimation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8322
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  21. Development of a Computer-Based Greenhouse Environment Controller
    Authors:   Bambang Marhaenanto and Gajendra Singh
    Keywords:   Programmable greenhouse environment controller, computer interfacing, temperature and humidity control
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8304
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  22. Evaluation of Plant Growth Models for a Soil Greenhouse Tomato Crop
    Authors:   V. Fernandes and J. Boaventura Cunha
    Keywords:   Greenhouse, Growth model, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Tomato
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8323
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  23. Solar Radiation Prediction Methods Applied to Improve Greenhouse Climate Control
    Authors:   J.P. Coelho, J.Boaventura Cunha and P.B. de Moura Oliveira
    Keywords:   Time Series Prediction, Horticulture, Artificial Neural Networks, Linear Regression
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8324
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  24. Strategies of Climatic Control in Greenhouses with Programmed Automatons
    Authors:   Ingeniero Industrial Antonio Nolasco and José Basilio Nolasco
    Keywords:   Equipment automation; Instrumentation and Control; Greenhouses technology; Climatic Control
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8325
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  25. Optimal Control of Air Temperature and Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Greenhouses
    Authors:   J. Boaventura Cunha, P. B. de Moura Oliveira, and Manuel Cordeiro
    Keywords:   Climate control, Crop, Dynamic models, Greenhouse management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8326
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  26. Computational Fluid Dynamics and Glasshouse Research
    Authors:   S. Reichrath and T.W. Davies
    Keywords:   CFD, multi-span glasshouse, Venlo-type, internal climate
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8327
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  27. Application of Data Mining in Automatic Description of Yield Behavior in Agricultural Areas
    Authors:   M.G. Canteri, B.C. Ávila, E.L. dos Santos, M.K. Sanches, D. Kovalechyn, J.P.Molin and L.M. Gimenez
    Keywords:   Decision Support Systems, Knowledge-based Systems, Precision Farming
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8328
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  28. Evaluation of a Light Bar for Parallel Swathing Under Different Forward Speeds
    Authors:   J.P. Molin, D.G.P. Cerri, F.H.R. Baio, H.F. Torrezan, J.C.D.M. Esquerdo, M.L.C. Rípoli
    Keywords:   Precision Farming, Light Bar, DGPS
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8329
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  29. Mapping the Spatial Variability of Coffee Yield with Mechanical Harvester
    Authors:   S. Sartori, J. F. M. Fava, E. L. Domingues, A. C. Ribeiro Filho e L. E. Shiraisi
    Keywords:   Precision Agriculture, Yield Mapping, Coffee Harvester
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8330
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  30. Error Analysis on Different Yield Monitors
    Authors:   L.A.A. Menegatti and Molin, J.P
    Keywords:   Precision agriculture; yield mapping; filter
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8331
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  31. Development of a Method to Determine the Time of Response of an Injection Metering System
    Authors:   F. H. R. Baio and L. A. Balastreire
    Keywords:   Precision Farming, Patch Spraying, Time of response
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8332
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  32. Development of a Software for Weed Patch Chemical Applications
    Authors:   J.C.D.M. Esquerdo, L.A. Balastreire, J.R. Amaral
    Keywords:   Weeds, Site-specific management, DGPS
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8333
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  33. Evaluation of a Site Specific Chemical Application System Based on the Spatial Variability of Weeds
    Authors:   F. H. R. Baio and L. A. Balastreire
    Keywords:   Precision Farming, Patch Weed Spraying, Variable Rate Technology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8334
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  34. Testing a Fertilizer Spreader with VRT
    Authors:   J.P. Molin, L.A.A. Menegatti, L.L. Pereira, L.C. Cremonini, M. Evangelista,
    Keywords:   Precision farming; variable rate technology; fertilizer spinner box
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8335
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  35. Development of a Variable Rate Lime Application System
    Authors:   D.G.P. Cerri, L.A. Balastreire, J.R. Amaral
    Keywords:   Precision Farming, Lime, Variable Rate Technology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8336
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  36. Strategies for Soil Sampling and Multi-Layers Maps Generation through Geostatic Tools: Development of a Computational System
    Authors:   L. G. Vendrusculo, P. S. G. Magalhães and S. R. Vieira
    Keywords:   geostatistics, soil sampling, Delphi Application, precision farming
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8337
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  37. Extracting Machine Performance Information From Site-Specific Grain Yield Data to Enhance Crop Production Management Practices
    Authors:   M.T. Crisler, R.M. Strickland, D.R. Ess, S.D. Parsons
    Keywords:   Effective field capacity, Field efficiency, Grain yield data, Machinery management, Site-specific management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8338
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  38. Analysis of Correspondence – An Useful Tool to Compare Yield Mapping
    Authors:   J. R. P. Carvalho, S. R. Vieira, R. C. C. P. Moran
    Keywords:   Yield mapping comparison, Spatial and temporal variability, Simple and multiple correspondence analyses
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8339
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  39. Data Mining Methods for Use with Geo-Referenced Field Crop Data
    Authors:   M.T. Crisler, R.M. Strickland, D.R. Ess, S.D. Parsons
    Keywords:   Data Analysis, Spreadsheets, Yield Data
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8340
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  40. Performance Evaluation on Electronic Control Systems for Field Sprayers Using Programmable Logic Controllers
    Authors:   U.R. Antuniassi, Z.N. Figueiredo, W.P.A. de Carvalho and D.R. Pinto
    Keywords:   Precision Agriculture, Instrumentation and control, Equipment automation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8341
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  41. Sensor-based Precision Chemical Application Systems
    Authors:   Lei Tian
    Keywords:   Machine-vision, Weed mapping, Herbicide application, Remote sensing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8342
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  42. Drift Management Using Modeling and GIS Systems
    Authors:   A.J. Hewitt, J. Maber and J.P. Praat
    Keywords:   Drift, modeling, GIS, spray
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8343
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  43. Object-oriented Approach to Crop Modeling: Concepts and Issues
    Authors:   H.W. Beck, P. Papajorgji, R. Braga, Ch. Porter, J.W. Jones
    Keywords:   Object-Oriented, Crop model, UML, FORTRAN
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8344
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  44. Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration in Tropical Watersheds
    Authors:   L.R. Pérez-Alegría
    Keywords:   crop models, sugarcane, carbon sequestration
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8345
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  45. Growth and Maturation Models of the Sugarcane as Analysis Tools in the Agricultural Use of the Urban Waste Compost
    Authors:   Alessandra Fabíola Bergamasco, Fábio Cesar da Silva, Marco Antonio Azeredo Cesar, Ariovaldo Fausto Soares da Silva
    Keywords:   Growth and Maturation Models, Sugarcane, Waste Compost
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8346
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  46. Compost Wizard © : Modeling A Compost Facility
    Authors:   J.D. Governo, K.C. Das, S.A. Thompson
    Keywords:   Composting, Process design, Computer tool
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8347
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  47. Soil Boundary Fuzziness: Classification and Representation in GIS
    Authors:   Mogens H. Greve and Mette B. Sørensen
    Keywords:   Fuzzy Soil Boundaries, EM38, GIS, Soil Mapping
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8348
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  48. A Computer Program for Genotypes Selection Based in Scott-Knott Method
    Authors:   M.G. Canteri, R.A. Althaus, J.S. Virgens Filho, D.C. Foltran Jr., and E.A. Giglioti
    Keywords:   genotype screening, statistical software, mean separation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8349
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  49. Decision Support for Crop Management Using Remote Sensing
    Authors:   Israel Broner, W. Bausch, D. Westfall, R. Khosla
    Keywords:   Decission support, reomte sensing, Cropflex
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8350
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  50. GIS-Based TMDL Water Quality Abatement Framework
    Authors:   J. Yoon
    Keywords:   Water quality modeling; GIS, Total maximum daily loads (TMDL)
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8351
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  51. Information Technology and Forest Management
    Authors:   Loukas G. Arvanitis, Valentina S. Boycheva, Douglas R. Carter, Scott A. Sager
    Keywords:   GIS, MapObjects, Internet Map Server, WWW interface, sustainability, harvest
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8352
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  52. Real-time Assessment of Swine Thermal Comfort by Computer Vision
    Authors:   H. Xin and B. Shao
    Keywords:   Environmental control, Machine vision, Animal welfare
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8353
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  53. ENDEAVOUR2 Livestock and Paddock Database Based on a Farm Map
    Authors:   James W. Oltjen and Graeme Ogle
    Keywords:   Farm Management, Livestock Production Systems,GIS/Land Use
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8354
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  54. Measurement and Control System for Studying Animal-Environment Interactions
    Authors:   T. Yanagi, Jr., H. Xin, and R. S. Gates
    Keywords:   Remote sensing, Instrumentation and Control, Heat stress, Laying hens
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8355
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  55. Growth Curve of Holstein Heifers Females
    Authors:   Alessandra F. Bergamasco, Luiz Henrique de Aquino, Joel Augusto Muniz, Fabyano Fonseca e Silva
    Keywords:   growth curves, autocorrelated errors, Holstein cattle
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8356
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  56. Optimal Use of the Generated Biogas from Manure
    Authors:   I.Bitir, M.Tazerout and O.Le Corre
    Keywords:   Biogas, Manure, Optimisation, Pollution reduction, Energy demand, Financial efficiency
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8357
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  57. Static Pressure and Temperature Controlled Ventilation System for a Broiler Research Facility
    Authors:   R.S. Gates
    Keywords:   Environment Control, Research Facility Design, Poultry, Automation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8358
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  58. Choice of Strategy in Dairy Production in Sweden
    Authors:   C.Swensson
    Keywords:   Milk production, simulation, management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8359
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  59. The Use of EID (Electronic Identification) for Understanding Female Broiler Breeders Behavior in Two Different Housing Solar Orientation
    Authors:   Pereira, D.F., Nääs, I.A. , Curto, F.P.F., Murayama, M. C., Amendola, M., Behrens, F.H. and Mantovani, E.C.1
    Keywords:   telemetry, broiler breeders, solar orientation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8360
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  60. Wireless Robust Robot for Agricultural Applications
    Authors:   A. R. Hirakawa, A. M. Saraiva and C. E. Cugnasca
    Keywords:   Robotics, agriculture automation, wireless transmission, robust system
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8361
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  61. Automatic Control of Boom Height and Positioning on a Self Propelled Sprayer
    Authors:   S. Sartori, E. L. Domingues, J. B. Kimura and S. A. Garrito
    Keywords:   Equipment Automation, Agricultural sprayer, Boom control, Automatic control
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8362
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  62. Space and Time Interpolation Applied to Reflectance Data
    Authors:   Rojano A. and Fitz E.
    Keywords:   Reflectance, numerical methods, finite element method
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8363
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  63. A Silicon Probe with Integrated Microelectronics for Soil Moisture Measurements
    Authors:   A. Valente, J. Boaventura Cunha, J. H. Correia and C. Couto
    Keywords:   Instrumentation and Control, Water Management, Microsensors
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8364
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  64. An Adaptive Control Method for Diverse Artificial Ecosystems
    Authors:   Masayuki Hirafuji, Keiko Iwabuchi, Kei Tanaka, Tomoya Watanabe
    Keywords:   Artificial ecosystem, Adaptive control, Complex system
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8365
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  65. Constrained-Nonlinear Optimization of Thermal Processing with the Complex Method
    Authors:   Ferruh Erdo —du and Murat O. Balaban
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8366
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  66. Computer Manipulation of Modeling Variables in Dust Particulates Study
    Authors:   F. E. Eaton, R. L. Roth, J. Walworth, P. N. Wilson, S. H. Husman
    Keywords:   Dust, Computer Application, Conservation Tillage, Filter, PM10
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8367
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  67. Evaluation of Seedling Quality Using Mechanical Vibration Analysis
    Authors:   M. Uchigasaki, S. Miyamoto, K. Serata, S. Tojo, K. Watanabe, and K. Kudoh
    Keywords:   Plant Biomechanics, Plant Morphometry, Mechanical Vibration Analysis, High Speed Video Camera, Seedling Quality
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8368
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  68. An Object-Oriented Program to Predict Tractor and Machine System Performance
    Authors:   Abdulrahman A. Al-Janobi and Saad A. Al-Hamed
    Keywords:   Tractor performance, Draft requirement, Object-oriented program
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8369
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  69. Modelling Airflow in Irish Mushroom Growing Tunnels
    Authors:   James Grant
    Keywords:   Airflow, Buildings, CFD, Mushrooms
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8370
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  70. The Great Lakes Adventure CD ROM
    Authors:   N.J. Carroll, D. Jones
    Keywords:   environmental, nonformal education, youth
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8371
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  71. Innovative CAD Education for Engineering Students
    Authors:   C.Y. Choi and D.L. Larson 1
    Keywords:   Computer Aided Design, Rapid Prototyping, Web-based Instruction
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8372
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  72. Enhancing Traditional Instruction by Creating a Web Presence: Strategic Management in Agribusiness
    Authors:   Rosanne S. Groves, David E. Hahn, and Thomas L. Sporleder
    Keywords:   Agribusiness, Web-based course, Economics, Teaching
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8373
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  73. IRRI’s Computer Based Information Delivery System in Training Agricultural Researchers
    Authors:   R.Bakker-Dhaliwal, P.L. Marcotte, S. Morin, M. Bell, and P.Comia
    Keywords:   Training, ICT, CD-Rom, Decision tools, Distance Learning
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8374
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  74. Youth Learning Net
    Authors:   R. Tormoehlen, S. Barkman, R. Fox, C. Personett and W. Vollmer
    Keywords:   Computers, Computer-Aided Instruction, 4-H, Youth, WWW, CD-ROM, Multimedia
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8375
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  75. Effectiveness of Electronic-based Educational Strategies for Teaching Community Based Agricultural Safety Programs to Youth
    Authors:   R. Tormoehlen, W. Field, R. Ortega and K. Machtmes
    Keywords:   Youth, 4-H, Multimedia, Computer-Aided Instruction, Agricultural Equipment, Safety
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8376
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  76. Technology Trade-Offs in Agribusiness Distance Education
    Authors:   Suzanne Thornsbury and Wendy Griffin
    Keywords:   Computer teaching and training, information delivery system
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8377
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  77. An XML-Centered Warehouse to Manage Information of the Fruit Supply Chain
    Authors:   Renato Fileto, Carlos A. A. Meira, Juaquim Naka, Álvaro Seixas Neto, Cláudia Bauzer Medeiros
    Keywords:   Decision Support Systems/Modeling, Information Delivery System, Standards, Integration of Heterogeneous Data, Fruit Supply Chain Management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8378
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  78. Delivery of Risk Assessments for Potato Late Blight in Oregon Chain
    Authors:   Cedric A. Shock, Clinton C. Shock, Lamont D. Saunders and Lynn Jensen
    Keywords:   information delivery, decision support, Phytophthora infestans, Blitecast
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8379
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  79. Computing Electrical Entrance And Standby Power Units Size For Agro-Food Enterprises
    Authors:   S. Barrington, D. Choinière, S. Clarke C. Vigneault1 and P. Nieuwenhof
    Keywords:   standby power units, generator, electrical entrance, COMPOWER
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8380
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  80. Visualization of Environment by VRML
    Authors:   T. Honjo and E. Lim
    Keywords:   Computer graphics, greenhouse, virtual Reality, visualization, VRML
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8381
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  81. Data Bank Model for Trials in Agriculture
    Authors:   M.A.A. Leite, F.C. Silva, R.P.Oliveira, D.T. Adachi
    Keywords:   Data bank model, Trials data organization, Decision support systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8382
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  82. Taming Information Systems for Land Use: Mining the Meta-data
    Authors:   R.Sadananda1, Frits Penning De Vries, and Pisuth Paiboonralt
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8383
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  83. Agroinformatic Management System with Quality Analysis Function
    Authors:   Y. Motonaga, H. Semba, H. Kondou, H. Kitamura, K. Nakanishi, A. Hashimoto and T. Kameoka
    Keywords:   Agroinformatic system, Data handling, Data exchange, Java applet, Database
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8384
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  84. A Model and Server for Concentrating and Disseminating Agricultural and Forestry Information in Mexico
    Authors:   Yolanda Fernández-Ordóñez and Jesús Soria-Ruiz
    Keywords:   Agricultural information management, Information systems, Quality information, Mexican agricultural information, Information technologies
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8385
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  85. Not Conventional Database Applied to Agrochemicals and Sugar-cane Systems
    Authors:   M. S. M. G. Vaz, M. G. Canteri, D. C. Foltran Jr., E. Gueiber, E. Peron, F. S. Torres, V. Schastai, L. M. Döll
    Keywords:   decision support systems, agribusiness, information systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8386
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  86. Information Agents for Competitive Market Monitoring in Production Chains
    Authors:   Gerhard Schiefer and Melanie Fritz
    Keywords:   Information Systems, Information Agents, Agrifood Industry, Production Chains
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8387
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  87. Frame and Index-driven for Agricultural Information Discovery and Translation*
    Authors:   A. Kawtrakul, N. Collier, F. Andres, K. Ono, N. Buranapraphanont, N. Pengphon, C. Ketsuwan, M. Suktarachan, P. Varasrai, P. Teerasuchai, P. Paiboonrat
    Keywords:   Information Summarization, Frame based Translation, Multilingual Dictionary
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8388
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  88. A Golden Opportunity: IT Support for Data Utilization in Agriculture
    Authors:   Kathy Davis, Suzanne Thornsbury, Tara Minton
    Keywords:   Farm Management, Decision Support Systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8389
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  89. A New Algorithm for Mining Sequential Patterns and the Application in Agriculture
    Authors:   Wang Zhenyu, Xiong Fanlun and Hang Xiaoshu
    Keywords:   Data mining, Sequential patterns, Time-window
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8390
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  90. A Database for Extension Publications
    Authors:   Howard Beck and Petraq Papajorgji
    Keywords:   database, publication, Java, PDF, HTML, XML
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8391
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  91. ServCLIPS: A Tool to Develop WWW Expert Systems
    Authors:   S.A.B. Cruz, M.A.A. Leite, M.F. Moura, E. Souza
    Keywords:   expert systems, CLIPS, UNIX, XML, XSL, servlets
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8392
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  92. The Development of a Computerized Decision Support Tool for Weed Control in the South African Sugar Industry
    Authors:   C.N. Bezuidenhout, N.B. Leibbrandt and A. Raja
    Keywords:   Decision support, Weeds, Herbicide recommendations, Information management, Technology transfer, Sugarcane
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8393
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  93. A Decision-Oriented Market Information System for Forest Products in India
    Authors:   Vasant P. Gandhi
    Keywords:   Marketing, Decision Support System, Forestry Application, Information
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8394
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  94. eAdvice: Adaptation of Agricultural Advisory Services to eBusiness
    Authors:   I. Thysen, J.G. Hansen and A.L. Jensen
    Keywords:   eAdvice, Agricultural advise, Internet, Decision Support System
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8395
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  95. Multilingual Browser Access to Heterogeneous Weather Databases
    Authors:   M. Laurenson, A. Otuka, T. Kiura, and S. Ninomiya
    Keywords:   Decision Support Systems/Modeling, Internet Applications, Weather & Climate Applications, Software Development
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8396
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  96. WebBee ΠA Web-based Information System for Research on Stingless Bees
    Authors:   R.S. Cunha, A.M. Saraiva, C.E. Cugnasca, A.R..Hirakawa, and V.L.Imperatiz-Fonseca
    Keywords:   Stingless bees, information system, WWW, database
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8397
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  97. An Interactive Internet Site for Rapid Delivery of Regional Pest Alerts
    Authors:   Clinton C. Shock, Jerry D. Neufeld, Ben C. Simko, Cedric A. Shock, Brad Geary, Steve Reddy, Lynn Jensen, and Eric Ellis
    Keywords:   information delivery, decision support, risk management, IPM
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8398
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  98. Vertical and Horizontal Information Portals: Cooperation Models for Sector and Chain Information Services
    Authors:   Gerhard Schiefer and Katja Kreuder
    Keywords:   Information Portals, Production Chains, Agri-food.
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8399
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  99. Designing Internet Dynamic Presences in Low Tech Rural Environments: A Case Study
    Authors:   M. Castro Neto, L. Mira da Silva and P. Aguiar Pinto
    Keywords:   Computer/IT Strategies, Internet Applications, Information Delivery Systems
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8400
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  100. Agriculture and E-Commerce: Potential, Constraints and Needs
    Authors:   Safdar Muhammad, Stephen Kolison, Jr., Anonya Akuley-Amenyenu, Enefiok Ekanem, Fisseha Tegegne, and Surendra P. Singh
    Keywords:   Computers/Internet, E-commerce, Information Technology, Agriculture, WWW
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8401
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  101. Web Taxonomy: A Thesaurus and Database
    Authors:   H.W. Beck, N. Lin, Jiannong Xin, Akira Otuka, and Matthew Laurenson
    Keywords:   thesaurus, ontology, data modeling, database, Java, Web browser
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8402
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  102. Use of Dublin Core and XML for the Organization of Agricultural Information in the Web
    Authors:   Marcia Izabel Fugisawa Souza, Adriana Delfino dos Santos, Roberto Hiroshi Higa, Laurimar Gonçalves Vendrusculo
    Keywords:   Dublin Core, XML, eXtensible Markup Language, Metadata, Beef cattle supply chain, Agricultural information, Information technology, Cataloging
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8403
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  103. IT and the Internet in the Japanese Rural Areas
    Authors:   N. Nakamura, K. Shio, T. Machida and A. Tazuke
    Keywords:   Internet, CATV, cellular phones, fax, digital divide
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8404
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  104. Slovenia: Experiences of a Young Country
    Authors:   Miro Lozej and Alei Krisper
    Keywords:   information system, Ministry of Agriculture, Forest and Food, system analysis, software development, outsourcing
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8405
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  105. Development of Methodology for Prospection, Characterization and Establishment of Priority of Information Technology Demands by the Agricultural Business
    Authors:   Jardine, J. G and Hemerly, F.X.
    Keywords:   agri-business, productive chain, demand prospection, agricultural software, information technology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8406
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  106. Characterization and Analysis of The Productive Chain of Agricultural Software
    Authors:   Hemerly, F. X. and Jardine, J.G.
    Keywords:   agribusiness, productive chain, competitiveness, agricultural software, information technology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8407
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  107. Competitive Market Analysis of U.S. Apples in the Japanese Market
    Authors:   Soyeon Shim, Kenneth Gehrt and Sherry Lotz
    Keywords:   Japan, Marketing, Fruit
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8408
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  108. Evaluating the Introduction of Information Technology in the Large State-Developed Irrigation Schemes in Portugal
    Authors:   L. Mira da Silva, M. Castro Neto, M. Tristany and P. Marques
    Keywords:   Irrigation, Planning, Management, Software, GIS, Relational databases
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8409
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  109. Bioinformatics for Crop Improvement
    Authors:   M. C. Cutanda, P. Hernández-Acosta and F. A. Culiáñez-Macià
    Keywords:   Computer, agriculture, bioinformatics, crop improvement, functional genomics, plant biotechnology
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8410
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  110. The Last-Mile Problem in the Information HighwayŠImproving the Reach of Farmers in Developing Countries
    Authors:   Thomas George and Stephen Morin
    Keywords:   agriculture, ICT, last mile, information highway, decision aids
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8411
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  111. Visualization and System Dynamics Modeling: Understanding the Global Appetite for Protein
    Authors:   Donna K. Fisher, Steven T. Sonka, and Randall E. Westgren
    Keywords:   Decision Support System; System Dynamics Modeling; Soybean Industry, Visualization
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8412
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  112. Internet Privacy - Fact or Fiction?
    Authors:   Thomas R. Hintz
    Keywords:   Privacy, Internet
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8413
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  113. Citrus Microirrigation Decision Support System
    Authors:   F.S. Zazueta, J. Xin, T.A. Wheaton and K.T. Morgan
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8414
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  114. Automation of Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Crop Research
    Authors:   Clinton C. Shock, Erik B. G. Feibert, Lamont D. Saunders, and Eric P. Eldredge
    Keywords:   water management, Allium cepa, onion, Solanum tuberosum, potato, Watermark, granular matrix sensor, soil water potential, SDI
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8415
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  115. A Comparison Between Conflict Resolution and Multicriteria Decision Making in a Groundwater Management Conflict in Mexico
    Authors:   Raquel Salazar and Ferenc Szidarovszky
    Keywords:   Optimization Techniques, Systems Modeling, Water Management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8416
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  116. Fuzzy Modeling for Performance Assessment of Irrigation Systems
    Authors:   Hani Nabhan Sewilam and Fritz G. Rohde
    Keywords:   Fuzzy Logic, Performance Indicators, Performance Assessment, Irrigation Management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8417
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  117. Model AVALOC for Micro-Irrigation Systems, Application to Performance Analysis
    Authors:   C. M. G. Pedras, and L. S. Pereira
    Keywords:   Drip-irrigation, Modeling and simulation, Irrigation performances, Design and Evaluation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8418
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  118. Performance of Rzwqm in Atlantic Canada
    Authors:   A. Madani, R. Gordon, N. Akhand, J. Burney, and K. Caldwell
    Keywords:   subsurface drainage, Modeling, Drain discharge
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8419
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  119. Water Balance Simulation with ISAREG Considering Water Table Interactions
    Authors:   Y. Liu, R. M. Fernando, L. S. Pereira
    Keywords:   Capillary flux, Groundwater contribution, Irrigation Scheduling, North China, Water balance
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8420
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  120. Computer Application in Estimation of Evapotranspiration
    Authors:   S.R. Bhakar and Raj. Vir Singh
    Keywords:   Evapotranspiration, Water management
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8421
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  121. Fast Convergent Solution of the Improved MSU Counter-Flow Drying Model
    Authors:   Dalpasquale, V. A.
    Keywords:   counter-flow; cascade dryer; cooling section; rewetting equation
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8422
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  122. Forecasting Crop Irrigation Applied to Collective Irrigation System
    Authors:   E.Peña, M. Montiel, H. Hunland, and Tomás Espinoza
    Keywords:   forecasting irrigation, real time, irrigation system, computer program
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8423
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  123. How Much and When to Irrigate the Crops Using Water Content Reflectometer
    Authors:   M. Montiel, E. Peña, y A. Chávez
    Keywords:   field capacity, permanent wilting point, temporary wilting point, water content reflectometer
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8424
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )

  124. Evaluation of the Necessities of Rehabilitating the Irrigation Districts in Mexico
    Authors:   Arturo González Casillas1,Efren Peña Peña, Benjamín De Leon Mojarro, Alberto González Sánchez
    Keywords:   Productivity, hydroacriculture, irrigation units, civil users association
    DOI:   10.13031/2013.8425
    ( Free Abstract )    ( Download PDF )