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ASAE Conference Proceeding

This is not a peer-reviewed article.

More Than Pig Performance: The Case of Three Feeder Pig Systems

J. N. Rausch and H. M. Keener

Pp. 083-093 in Swine Housing II, Conference Proceedings, 12-15 October 2003 (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA), ed. Larry Jacobson. ,12 October 2003 . ASAE Pub #701P1303


Frequently, the adoption of a feeder pig production system is based solely upon the potential performance of the animals within the facility. This approach equates animal performance directly with profitability, and excludes other factors impacting profitability. This paper compares three swine production technologies using reported production parameters. Unique to this analysis is the emphasis on manure handling, and the adoption of odor reduction technologies. Profitability for each system is reported as a return to management.

Keywords. Manure management, swine production, hog production, odor impact, manure hauling, High-Rise hogs, deep pit, hoop house, externalities.

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